Some Catching Up

September 06, 2016  •  6 Comments
Now that I've gotten you all through the camping trip (well almost) from weeks ago, I'll try now to catch you up on the many things happening at home. To say we are busy is an understatement. However, first a shot of how HARD camping with the dogs is (on the dogs): Now back to our regularly schedule program (like my life has any regularity). New...
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Biterroot Scottish Irish Festival

September 01, 2016  •  3 Comments
During our camping trip we were lucky to get to go partake in the Biterroot Celtic Games and Gathering on the Daly Mansion grounds outside of Hamilton. What a cool venue to have these games - many 100 year old trees and LOTS of shade made for a lovely place to wander and enjoy but a challenge for photos to be sure. Still it was super fun to see all...
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Skalkaho Falls

August 30, 2016  •  4 Comments
There is a 45 mile "highway" (okay so mostly gravel and really narrow) that runs from Hamilton to Phillipsburg over the mountains. This is the road that my friend Robin and I had hiked over a year ago searching for the elusive waterfall that was up there. We never made it (read about that HERE) so after the festival Kent, my Mom and I drove up that...
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Daly Mansion

August 29, 2016  •  2 Comments
I wanted to share some photos of the Daly Mansion (just outside of Hamilton, MT) which we toured while we were camping as part of the Celtic Festival that was held on the grounds that weekend (more on that to come). I have to apologize for not having pictures in any of the cool rooms on the first floor but the sign outside said "No Photos" and appa...
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Things Around Camp

August 23, 2016  •  2 Comments
...assorted from our camping trip..... My Mom noticed the cool log braces in the roof of this barn. Don't see the cool old metal cases anymore for Band-aids I think I like the first one of the baskets better - anyone else and why? Piles of old newspapers. Someday those will be antiques!
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