Oregon Flora

June 10, 2015  •  9 Comments

Although most of our days in Oregon were filled with sunshine when you do get out hiking often you are in well, rainforest type conditions where scenery is just .... green.  Green green everywhere.   Honestly though I remember back when I was 10 and our first trip to Oregon.   When we arrived in the western part of the state and started seeing all of that green everywhere I was in awe.   Coming from a land where pretty much the only green we have is pine trees, this was a fairy land!  

So in the darker conditions I try to remember to go for the more macro type shots and I always love photographing flowers and plants - especially ones we don't see much of back home.   Luckily none of it was poison oak, although there is plenty of that around those parts!  Hope you enjoy!

I call these wild iris but the locals call them "flags".   I know I've got previous pictures of bright yellow ones as well.   

Below is one of the many berry bushes that were blooming.  I believe my local source said they were thimble berry but don't quote me on that.


Gunilla Bäck(non-registered)
Gorgeous wildflowers! I love this time of the year.
Far Side(non-registered)
There are Yellow Flag and Blue Flag Iris...they differ from your fancy Iris! Both are considered native wildflowers where as the lacy ruffled ones are not. The foliage on the flags is usually quite tall and strappy! You took some marvelous photos! What fun! :)
What stunning details you've captured Sherry, a welcome reminder to look for beauty all around us. The fungi shots have great texture, I especially like the way the light is falling on the bracket fungi.
Being in a drought right now, I love the lush greenness
You picked a beautiful state to visit.
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