Fall Colors

October 11, 2016  •  6 Comments

Glad I got at least some to show you as it snowed this morning here.    All melted now but other areas around the state got quite a bit.  We will take moisture around here (not so much in the NE part of the state though).   I took these on Sunday during a drive to Wolf Creek to pick up my new garden stakes (which I'll share at some other time).   Meanwhile enjoy the color (and yes some of these I ran through Photomatix to perk them up a bit as it was just gray dark and cloudy out so hard to get good color).

This first one I spotted on my way home as these aspen just popped out of the hillside with color. This one is highly processed, just for fun. A close second favorite to the one below it.

I think this is my favorite one of the trip though. This didn't have any Photomatix done and you can see things are a little dull.


Carol Whitfield(non-registered)
These look like paintings...I hope you are planning to print them! They are stunning. My favorite is the one you mark as your favorite too!
Jeanne stone(non-registered)
Beautiful shots! Love them all
Far Side(non-registered)
Lovely Fall colors! Hope you don't get snow that stays anytime soon:)
Wow! What an amazing bunch of beautiful scenes and colours.
Brian King Images(non-registered)
Wow, those are gorgeous colors! Really nice!
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