Last Big Glacier Scenery Blast

November 03, 2016  •  3 Comments

One big ol blast of scenery pics and then tomorrow I'll post some of the closeups.

These first ones are iphone shots....

Lunching with poodles is usually a stand up affair!

Now these are not iphone shots.... This one is probably my favorite and I use it as my screen saver. Those yellow spots are tamarack that haven't lost their needles yet.

This is the color one of the b/w you saw last post.   You could tell we were dealing with some light issues late in the afternoon. There actually appeared to be a walking bridge over the river to get closer to the falls but alas, it was taken up for some reason (time of the season maybe).  So this one below gives you an idea how tucked in it was from where we could get to.   Running Eagle Falls is definitely worth a stop on the way in to Two Medicine.  A short nature path (easy walking) also had great signage of the trees and plants along the way.


Gunilla Bäck(non-registered)
Wow, that's gorgeous! I love the mountains and the waterfall. The reflections in the lake are lovely.
Far Side(non-registered)
What lovely photos, such beautiful scenery! Looks like a wonderful trip! :)
Brian King Images(non-registered)
Such gorgeous country! Fabulous shots!
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