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November 15, 2016  •  2 Comments

Just wanted to post a quick catch up for those of my readers that are still hanging in with me.   Nothing out of this world in the photo department but just some fun stuff!

The weather has been FABULOUS and we've had weeks and weeks of "Indian Summer".   That is about to change tomorrow with 30s and snow predicted. That is okay, winter was bound to happen eventually.   Meanwhile my dogs have been enjoying my work at home days (which also included some of the past weekends) and follow the sunshine around the house - even getting some out front deck time a few days!

Epic and I have been trying our best to get at least one short walk in every day I am home.  He loves to go run and find sticks and we even practice a bit of obedience (come and heal).   We got a couple of frisbee days out in the back as well which he ADORES even when his Mom can't throw worth a darn.  The rest of the time though, he kind of thinks this early darkness in the evening stinks!

With working more time at home and really wanting to get my craft table cleared off again in the office, I have been on an ongoing search for something that would work as a stand up desk AND that would support both my work laptop (which comes and goes) and my new desktop computer (that I am slowly weaning to from my old Dell laptop which seems to be starting to poop out).   While in Lowes a few weeks ago to get a new trash can system I came across this wheeled cart (did I forget to say I also wanted it movable AND wanted a place for all the cords to accommodate ONE plug for the wall) on clearance.  I'd looked at the wire shelving and really wanted to utilize one but none had tops.  This one did and is just big enough to support my monitor and keyboard (I think I'm going to fashion a mouse side table) and was the perfect height.   The bed sheet is cute and hides all the craziness going on with cords and speakers and my desktop.  The clamp is making sure the monitor stays put for now, not sure if I'll invest in an arm for it or not.


I also started an adult ed class in November.   I'm learning Zentangle, a creative class (which I love) that I am finding hugely enjoyable and even convinced my buddy Robin to do it with me.  We have had 2 classes and I will admit I've been doing it for a couple months as a way to relax and zen with all the work stress right now.   You can read more about it at Zentangle.Com and here are a few samples of what I've done.

The photos don't show the shading as well but you get the idea and frankly I'm struggling with the shading part but it makes a huge difference in the dimension you get.

Starting to think about Christmas and using my long Thanksgiving weekend to prepare.   I have planned a girls brunch day with some friends on December 3rd so the tree needs to go up over the long weekend as do the lights.   Sterling and I also have therapy dog that weekend.

Tinker continues to blossom and is quite the personality.   Her skin has good times and bad but we are hopeful it will heal.   I found and sent off a super sensitive DNA based energy allergy test and hope the results will help me pinpoint any food issues and maybe some environmental.   

So busy busy and just cranking along here.   Work is very busy but the days fly by for sure!   Hope all of you are well and happy too!



We're still here! Love the dog pictures , thanks!
Far Side(non-registered)
Good to hear you are still working, I was wondering what was happening!. Our weather has been awesome too, and will end tomorrow or Friday. Oh I love to do tangles but I hardly ever have time. I have part of a pattern book done for reference....abstract as the tangles are they are easier for me to draw step by step. There are not enough hours in the day! Tree talking already...uffda...I suppose it is getting closer. I usually don't even think of it until after Dec 1 :)
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