It's a Monday

August 08, 2016  •  5 Comments

Such a busy week last week and another busy weekend.  I will admit that not much photography was done though.   I did snap a few to keep you entertained but really the week wasn't all that exciting.   The biggest accomplishment of the week was finishing the long awaited (almost a year long) afghan project!  Woot!

I had rows and rows of ends to weave in before I could put on the edging and once the weaving was done I hopped on getting that edging done so I could say it was finished and pass the remaining yarn on to a friend's mother.

I am very happy with the resulting blanket and it will definitely be something to keep me warm - I think it weighs 15 pounds!   I will not be doing another big afghan though as my shoulder and wrist cannot take that much crocheting and I hate having things laying around that take that much time to finish.   I can however say I've done one and I definitely will use it.   

Mom and I did manage our Saturday market trip, including breakfast with a good friend of mine.  I was happy to see the Colony's green beans were out and got a deal on 10 pounds and brought them home to be cut and packaged.   For me?  No, for the dogs.   I have a couple that suffer from reflux and the green beans seem to provide just enough fiber to really help it.  

Yesterday was Sterling's day and I got him out and did some work with him and his cart before it got warm and then a bath so he was ready to head to therapy at Son Heaven.   He so loves that job and those ladies are so much fun.   Sadly another of his fan passed this last Friday and she is going to be missed terribly.    It has been tough this last few months with so many of those lovely ladies passing on.  We also heard that another is going to be leaving to go live with her son locally so we said our goodbyes to her as well.   Still we were met with many smiles and conversations so it was fun!

Before we got home with the pizza for dinner, my brother arrived for his extended stay at the house.  He pulled his trailer from CA and is now safely tucked beside the garage and will be residing there for however long he wants.   Got my trailer moved off into the field beside the driveway and I said it is starting to look like I'm popular or something!   It is nice to have him here and he has offered to help me with a few projects that I need an extra hand doing so YAY!

So will post as I can - but I do have a new lens coming for one of my cameras so will definitely be working on photos to show you all soon!



Far Side(non-registered)
Your new afghan is so colorful! I have a pattern similar to that and I love it! Yeah for company! Have a good visit! :)
Linda W(non-registered)
Such pretty colors for a blanket! Congrats for finishing it!
It must feel good to have finished the blanket. It looks well made. You give beans to the dogs1 Beans are very expensive here now, darned if I know why.
Hi, Love your 'blanket'.... The colors are beautiful... It should keep you nice and warm in winter.

You're blanket is so colorful! My mother in law used to make blankets like that for us and I know from personal experience you won't be cold!!!

Do you cook the green beans or just toss a handful in their meals?
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