Skalkaho Falls

August 30, 2016  •  4 Comments

There is a 45 mile "highway" (okay so mostly gravel and really narrow) that runs from Hamilton to Phillipsburg over the mountains.   This is the road that my friend Robin and I had hiked over a year ago searching for the elusive waterfall that was up there.   We never made it (read about that HERE) so after the festival Kent, my Mom and I drove up that direction to see what we could find.  I knew (and have confirmed) that I am not a great passenger when on the downhill side of steep narrow mountain roads and I think if I were to drive it I'd come in from the other side.  Although it is said that traffic is "light" I would say that on a summer weekend with nice weather it actually is fairly busy for a windy mountain road in Montana (where we are used to seeing maybe ONE car on the back roads).

However, we did find the lovely waterfall and discovered that when we hiked it we stopped probably about a mile away from it and turned around (we were super tired and hot and didn't know that).  We did not drive past the falls although someday that would be fun to do I think.  Things are really dry but the creek is running and the falls, while not spectacular in their water output (it is August  and it IS dry) was still worth the photo stop and you know I am a sucker for water fall shots!   The shade and sun did make it a challenge to be sure.

This was the creek farther down towards the bottom of the pass.

A token "chippy" photo for my Mom.

Here are the Iphone shots of my brother. Glad we made it up there even with some of the scary stuff when dealing with oncoming gigantic vehicles and pushy drivers (no worries Kent is from California and can hold his own).



Gunilla Bäck(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos of the waterfalls!
Linda W(non-registered)
What a gorgeous waterfall! Glad you were able to find it this time. Your photos are great, despite the harsh lighting. I know, it's hard to photograph waterfalls in bright sunlight.
Brian King Images(non-registered)
Wow! Gorgeous photos! Love the long exposures! The chipmunk cracked me up!
Hi There, I remember your post when you tried to find the waterfall while hiking... Glad you went back. What a gorgeous waterfall. And your creek pictures are awesome also....

There have been times when George and I had gotten close to a waterfall and turned around BEFORE getting there (Not knowing how close we were)....Oh Well...

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