Tizer Gardens Part 1

August 01, 2016  •  6 Comments

Sunday morning Mom and I got in the truck, met friend Robin and went off to Tizer Botanic Gardens to wander around before it got too hot.   We arrived right at opening time and had THE BEST time wandering through the gardens.  So relaxing, many places to sit and enjoy and of course a TON of photos were taken.  So I'll split these up as best I can so you aren't bored to tears.   I have some favorites but you need to find yours.  If you aren't into flowers and such, this will likely bore you to tears.   

These first ones were pano shots off the my Iphone. There were many hummingbirds flying around arguing and according to Belva eating a LOT!

I then didn't discover till we were almost done that I shot all the flowers at ISO 1000 because I'd used that taking the hummer shots.  Oh well, still didn't turn out too bad!

They have a great assortment of metal art and benches and things you can buy.  I came home with a fountain for the yet non-existent pond out back! More for ya in the next post!


Brian King Images(non-registered)
I bet that is hummingbird heaven! Great photos and they have some gorgeous flowers! I like the little cabin/shed, too. I hate it when I forget to change my ISO. LOL
Linda W(non-registered)
Love those hummingbird pics! I know how difficult those birds are to photograph.
Hi There, Of course, you know how much I love flowers/gardens, etc..... I NEVER get bored of pictures like these.... (The only posts that bore me to tears are the memes on things like fences and barns --which become the SAME to me --over and over... ha)

Those Roses look like some on our yard. Our Roses have been so so so pretty this year despite the horrible heat and dry conditions we have had this summer...

Love the Sempervivum growing in that shoe/heel.

Thanks for sharing.
So many different things to see. Your photos are fabulous.especially the Humming Birds. The composition of the artefact shots is good too.
Far Side(non-registered)
Great photos, love that red heel..perfect place for flowers! Looks like a fun day:)
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