Here Sheepy Sheep

January 17, 2017  •  5 Comments

The first wildlife finds of our trip home.   We spent quite a bit of time photographing these guys (they are terribly used to people) and I was very proud of the dogs as not a one of them barked.   So afterwards we went over to the campground across the road and let them run for a bit.  Was windy and the wind chill was bad to didn't run too long!

I have a boatload of shots of these bighorn sheep so I'll try to just show you some of my favorites and you can always go to the Wildlife Collection/Mammals/Big Horn Sheep gallery to see the others.   The babies were adorable and the boys are still somewhat in breeding mode.  Of course I missed the ONE head butt we saw.  :(

This one below is definitely one of my favorites of the bunch!  I am thrilled I had my depth of field set right!  
Doesn't that collar just look like a pain in the neck?   The light was just perfect on this girl when she stopped.




What an amazing pictures you took!!! The colors look so real!!! Thanks for sharing it with us:)
Far Side(non-registered)
Beautiful!! :) I agree the collar looks bad but I guess those studies help the species:)
Linda W(non-registered)
Wow, those are great shots of the sheep! You must've been able to get really close - or have a really good lens!
Jeanne stone(non-registered)
Was that some sort of tracking collar? It does look awful. I saw something similar on a swan which I hated to see
Brian King Images(non-registered)
These are fantastic! I'm so jealous! Gorgeous photos!
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