Away Too Long & a Tribute

March 05, 2017  •  5 Comments

It is Sunday morning and it is quiet both inside and outside so I'm going to take a moment to write something and post some photos.  Again, life has gotten crazy and my blog suffers so here goes.

I will not complain that life is busy but it sure would be easier with the nasty sinus infection I'm fighting and if my back wasn't out.   Boohoo me!   Still things have to be done and honestly, I've been away from the blog mostly because the canine care here had to be ramped up substantially in February and sadly I lost my beloved Bandit a week ago.   I was determined to let him pass on his own terms as long as he wasn't in pain but as many of you know when hospice turns into active end of life care, it is exhausting.   Yet still taking care of the rest of the pack and trying to take care of me.   He did pass peacefully but the emotional toll on me resulted, yup, in my body revolting with sinus infection and bronchitis afterwards.

So here is a little tribute to my helicopter tail....

Bandit came to us in 2003 as a show prospect.  A true hairless crested (hard to find) with the most spectacular skin - till the very end - I had hopes of showing him but honestly, the chaos of the show ring was just too overwhelming for him.   He really just wanted to be him and so he was.   He instantly became my Mom's favorite lap companion.  He always had to spin around numerous times though before he'd get up in a lap.  He just was a circular kind of guy, his tail wagged in circles and circling was what he did anytime he was undecided.

He was one of my most avid sun worshipers and would almost always end up with pink and red spots instead of white for a bit every spring.

Bandit was ill off and on for a number of months but he always seemed to want to rally back if only for a while and I always still saw that sparkle of life left in his eyes.  I knew the Monday before he passed that he was done as the light was gone.  He was tired of fighting and his frail little body was shutting down.   Tuesday though he got some energy work from his Auntie Adele which he peacefully enjoyed.  (sorry for the crap Iphone picture - I'm finding that when it switches to HDR then the downloads suck)

Thursday night and Friday evening he spent quiet quality time with his forever buddy Dot and rocking with me in the recliner.  Friday night I laid him in bed with Dot and she gently licked him and laid down right beside him.  By morning he was gone, peacefully in the very same position I'd put him in the night before.

I miss him terribly and still look for him to be laying in one of the beds in his lizard jammies - a habit after 13 1/2 years.   His ashes will be put on the flower bed this spring with all my other dogs that have passed before him.   I miss you little buddy!


Brian King Images(non-registered)
I'm very sorry to hear this. My condolences.
Linda W(non-registered)
So sorry for the loss of your cute Bandit. You wrote a lovely tribute.
Linda Star's mom(non-registered)
I am so sorry to hear of Bandit passing. What cute adorable puppy pictures of him. He lived Heaven on Earth at your house for sure!!!
They all do ...My heart breaks for you. Thinking of you. So sorry and sad. Hugs to you from Star and I.
Far Side(non-registered)
I am so sorry that Bandit has died, the death of a friend is never easy. I am certain that the pack misses him too although they tend to rebound faster than humans.
I hope you get over your sinus/cold stuff many people find it hangs on and on. Take good care of you! :)
I'm so sorry. There are no words.
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