Coyotes on Carcass

March 24, 2017  •  5 Comments

I warned you - if you are squeamish this might not appeal to you but I think all can appreciate that this is the way life goes in the wild.   We pulled off where there were a bunch of folks gawking at one of the marsh areas in the valley.   Then they were looking across the road.  What?   So we look over the edge of the parking area and right there at the bottom of the cliff is an old (as in been there a while) bison carcass with ravens and coyotes (there were 2) feeding on it.  Reports had it that there was a grizzly on it the evening before and early that morning but he was long gone.    The rangers that stopped by also said there were reports of up to 3 carcasses floating around in that general area.   We only saw the one although there must be food around as the wold spotter plane was finding wolves in the general area as well (again we didn't see them).   

I was very happy to see that, even though the winter we had was more normal than the mild ones we've been having, the coyotes looked in amazingly good health.    I'll share the tale of the very patient bald eagle and ravens next post.


Far Side(non-registered)
Beautiful! Look at those golden eyes! :)
jeanne stone(non-registered)
Quite amazing shots! and how unique to see this coyote and the eagle there together! Great captures
The Dancing Donkey(non-registered)
Coyotes really are stunning creatures and your photos are as well.
Brian King Images(non-registered)
These are fantastic! Deer are about the largest animal you'd ever see around here being eaten, but actually seeing it is very rare.
Those are really great photos. Those coyotes do look in spectacular condition.
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