Eagle Patience and Rowdy Ravens

March 26, 2017  •  4 Comments

We were kind of hoping the eagle would take flight to get over to the carcass when the coyote left.  Nope, she ran her little legs off and high-tailed it over that way.  

Now these two spent a good half an hour flying around arguing about everything.   It was rather comical actually so I had to try to capture them.


Far Side(non-registered)
Great shots! Your lens is just perfect for getting these shots:)
jeanne stone(non-registered)
Love these shots and how amazing that you got to see ( and photograph ) this. Incredible shots
This is a lot more entertaining than Netflex or cable.
Brian King Images(non-registered)
Fantastic! They are so majestic, even when running on the ground! LOL! Love the ravens, too!
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