That Time of Year

April 05, 2017  •  4 Comments

Since I've been joyfully watching many snow geese and swans fly over my home and watching them down on Lake Helena, I felt it was a good time to share again some photos from previous years at Freezeout.   I will say I think I have seen more around the Helena Valley this year than in previous and it makes me very happy.

We are happily getting ready for Spring (my garden bulbs are up and the crocus are already done blooming and there are buds on many bushes), not really enjoying the windy days and could use some moisture.  


Far Side(non-registered)
What beautiful birds they are! The one shot of the mountains in the background is my favorite! Sounds like you have spring. I have had enough wind too, it seems like it gets windier every year :(
Brian King Images(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos! I love seeing big flocks!
Linda W(non-registered)
Wow - that's a lot of geese! Great photos.
I have a large bird phobia. They are beautiful but scary
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