Mesa Falls Scenic Byway Part 2

May 31, 2017  •  1 Comment

Mesa Falls has a lower and upper falls, quite a ways apart so we stopped at both.  The lower falls you really cannot get to but you can see it and with the high runoff right now it was pretty spectacular.  Looking down upon it you can tell there is hiking trail to the head of the falls (no thanks) and I believe there might actually be trail you can go on to hike between the two.   With bears and vertigo that isn't going to be on my list though.

Lower Mesa Falls

The upper falls has the visitor center and and absolutely astounding maze of metal walkways that take you down to the falls, literally.   There are some serious stairs but well worth it and many points where you can sit down and just enjoy.  That second photo shows some of the walkway and my friend Robin hanging over taking photos.

Great places to stop and just amazing the amount of water going over right now, with our "normal snow fall" this winter they will be roaring for quite a while I think.


Brian King Images(non-registered)
Oh, wow! How impressive! Beautiful photos!
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