My Garden Blooms - June

June 15, 2017  •  2 Comments

I thought I'd share some of my lovely garden blooms that, with all the moisture we have had are going nuts.  I also spent one entire weekend planting pots to have back by my pergola and have finished another project back there that I'll share later.   Hope these make you happy as they do me!  I am so happy to have so much color around this year and for the first time ever in my 20+ years up here I saw my first swallowtail butterfly.   She stopped by to approve of my potting selections!

This is the change up I did in front of my house.  We had these great stacked pots for the past few years but they were hard to keep watered properly and the pots all needed repainting.  So I saw this operation on a PBS show and ordered one.  Not very thrilled with the quality of it for the price but it will work for what I need (see how crooked it is, that is wobble that couldn't be tightened down).  I will try to remember to take photos of it later in the season if the top fills out as I hope it will.


Far Side(non-registered)
Lovely photos! I have wondered how a planter like that would fill out. Worth a try!
Oh they are so pretty. The butterfly shot is a winner
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