Been a LONG While

August 19, 2017  •  3 Comments

Yes I am slacking off on the blog but honestly this summer has flown by and I have been busy not only with the 9-11 hour work days (which makes me want to throw computers in general out the window - and maybe some people too) but with a ton of other life stuff as well.  Plus the constant watering to just keep things barely alive has been a priority!

I see I've not posted since I lost Dot my 3rd chinese crested to leave me in the last 6 months and I will not tell a lie, I'm struggling with all that loss right now.   She started having seizures on a Sunday night and God bless my vet who was able to help me deal with those until she could get here Monday to help give Dot her very own angel wings and get her out of that failing body.   My heartfelt thanks as always to Dr. Cathy Davis and Adele Delp who once again were with me and my dogs during that time.  Their friendship helps me get over the mountains!

My brother also arrived in July and the projects began.  Yup, have not been sitting on my laurels and have not had time to do squat with cameras to be honest.   He is a HUGE help for some of those things I just cannot or am not willing to do alone.  One was the installation of a new "in the wall" dog door for the pups and removal of the craptastic back storm door.  All this in prep for replacing my old back door probably next year now.  We've also done a plumbing replacement project in the trailer as well as replacing the old hand crank tongue jack with a new (and mucho improved) power one and then also got a new longer sewer hose container put on as well!   Woohoo!   Tree trimming has also happened, more trips to Ace Hardware than I can shake a stick at and also replaced and built replacement screens for all my front windows.   I know there has been a lot of other projects both for him and for me but right now they escape me.  He's been here for about 5 weeks now and we've worked his buns off.    My dogs are also thrilled to death to have him around!

Last week I HAD to get away from the work situation for a while so we called on our wildfire smoke karma and headed north and blessedly, out of the constant smoke we have been dealing with here.  The state is under a Red Flag warning and we I believe are on week 13 or 16 of the drought.  It is so dry and krispy it is frightening and the poor firefighters are not catching a break with constant low humidity and high winds.   I'll share more on that trip in a later post.


Linda W(non-registered)
Lovely photos of the droplet-spangled flowers! Good to see you back in blogland.
Jeanne stone(non-registered)
Gorgeous flower shots and does sound like a busy summer. Sorry about the drought! Hard thing to deal with
Deonne Kahler(non-registered)
Gorgeous photos, and wonderful update!
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