Camping in the Kootenai National Forest

August 23, 2017  •  3 Comments

Before my brother arrived I knew I we were going to want to try to get out for one big camping trip while he was here so the search began for places to camp that hopefully wouldn't be smoked in from the wildfires.   An area I had been wanting to explore and never had been to was up in the northwest corner of Montana - up around Libby.   So found some open spots and we spent a lovely 4 days up there exploring around and just relaxing with no cell service and not many people as we were there during the week!   There was paddling, driving and just wandering around and I was shocked that we were out of the wildfire smoke for the most part although had a scare when we drove into the campground and there was a helicopter dipping water out of the lake right there!  We have agreed that it is an area we will likely go back to and poke around some more.  So here are the photos and unfortunately none of the wildlife although my brother was the wildlife whisperer of course, he saw a pileated woodpecker (one on my bucket list and I missed), had a skunk visit his camper on night one and we saw 2 baby muskrats when we went out to paddle one day.

This first shot is of a wildlife refuge way back in the mountains that we saw on the map and went looking for.  I would bet it is amazing during the waterfowl migrations!

At Little McGregor Lake.  A super fun little teeny lake off the highway that was a PERFECT spot to swim a poodle as well.  That is until a lilly pad grabbed him and he took off out of the water like the lake monster had gotten him!

Rose hips I believe - there were MANY bushes and berry bushes along the campsites, needless to say also was great for wildlife to hang in and rustle around in at night, including the bears, which luckily we had none of.

My brother getting good use out of his new toy.

Fall is coming up fast so the mornings were REALLY cool and there were some great misty fogs on the lake - if one got up early enough to see them!

Loon Lake, part of the Thompson Chain of Lakes.  No loons there but brother did see one paddling on the lake we camped by and we also saw one on Little McGregor Lake as well.

Kootenai Falls, well at least the lower part of them and the swinging bridge across the river - my vertigo was a "no go" for that but brother did go check it out!  Since the dogs were in the truck I didn't want to dally very long so we didn't get up to the real part of the falls.


We had a couple fairly clear nights so one night I did go out and do star pictures with my brother assistant and we got some pretty cool shots I think.  Those will be next post.


Far Side(non-registered)
Lovely photos what a nice trip! :)
Gorgeous photos! You were in my old stomping ground!
It sounds like you and your brother and furry friends had a good time. The scenery is beautiful and your photos are great.
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