Away Too Long & a Tribute

March 05, 2017  •  5 Comments
It is Sunday morning and it is quiet both inside and outside so I'm going to take a moment to write something and post some photos. Again, life has gotten crazy and my blog suffers so here goes. I will not complain that life is busy but it sure would be easier with the nasty sinus infection I'm fighting and if my back wasn't out. Boohoo me! Still...
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The Thaw Has Begun

February 13, 2017  •  1 Comment
We finally are starting to warm up! YAY! Last week Wednesday was the last single digit temp we have seen in almost a week (it was a whopping 3 degrees and -10 with the windchill). So what did we do - went for a snowshoe walk of course! I cannot believe that after a winter of actual snow it was the first time I'd been out. Silly! I convinced my frie...
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February Already? How can that be?

February 04, 2017  •  3 Comments
Where my January is ordinarily very quiet, it has been busy here and the month FLEW by! I am not complaining and I always figure once we hit Valentines Day, Spring isn't far off - no matter what Phil says! We definitely still have winter but that isn't stopping Epic and I from getting out and getting our walkies in. Sterling joined us for a couple...
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Shock Surprise - Saved the Best for Last

January 20, 2017  •  5 Comments
The last of my wildlife shots and I don't even care that it was at a big distance because anyone that shoots wildlife knows, seeing the wild cats is rare! So this was a true honor to drive down the road, see a jeep with flashers going stopped. I slowed down and saw a guy with a camera down at the fence (I have no idea how he did that and didn't sca...
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Oh My Deer

January 18, 2017  •  3 Comments
I loved his pose below but wasn't thrilled I cut off his legs so did another shot (the last one) to make me feel better! haha And the massive herd of elk we also saw (they were quite a ways away and the sun was already behind the mountain), so handed my friend the camera (her side of the truck) and let her shoot. Good job Robin.
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Here Sheepy Sheep

January 17, 2017  •  5 Comments
The first wildlife finds of our trip home. We spent quite a bit of time photographing these guys (they are terribly used to people) and I was very proud of the dogs as not a one of them barked. So afterwards we went over to the campground across the road and let them run for a bit. Was windy and the wind chill was bad to didn't run too long! I hav...
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Saturday Great Falls

January 15, 2017  •  1 Comment
I was starting to feel a little housebound and had ordered food for Tinker from a friend in Great Falls. So when the opportunity came up that I could get out and drive up there with another friend (the wildlife whisperer one) on a day that was supposed to be sunny and warm (well warm up there) I took it. We have been stuck with a stinky (and it is...
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It Can Pause Now

January 11, 2017  •  3 Comments
I am officially ready for a pause in the shoveling of snow! The past 2 days our weather has been horrid and I'd love to say I was able to just stay in but nope! While I had plans to work from home, Monday morning Teddy had to go in to the vet for surgery. As I'm driving home, and after 10" of new snow overnight, it started dumping RAIN! The weather...
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Snugged In

January 06, 2017  •  6 Comments
Yup we are still in the deep freeze here in the valley. I think we barely broke zero the past four days so the wood stove has been fired up and roaring all but yesterday when I had to go into the office. I am officially into the back pile of wood and think come Spring I will be working on getting the cut logs stacked and figure out if I need to buy...
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Clean off the Cameras

January 01, 2017  •  4 Comments
I was trying to capture some of the birds this morning and then got to looking and I noticed once again I had photos hanging out on the cameras that I didn't download. Since the weather is "frightful" outside as it is blizzarding and blowing and well, just a great day to sit inside with the dogs in my flannel jammies and ring in the new year! haha...
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