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November 01, 2014  •  5 Comments

So am sitting here on a Saturday night the first of November listening to rain and thunder.   Yes the snow is supposedly on the way!   Even the weather guy suggested popping popcorn and watching a movie.   I think he's got a great idea!  Our PBS is showing oldies on Saturday nights - no commercials and I think tonight is The Big Sleep with Bogart and Bacall....a few weeks ago I watched The Music Man and honestly I've heard the music from that movie many times but never have watched it.  It was kinda cool with a Partridge Family Mom (Shirley Jones) and a teeny little Ron Howard.   Still love the music.

Speaking of music, yes I am still practicing my piano and really do enjoy plunking around on it.  A good friend had kept all of her daughter's music books so she brought me some good beginner books and yes, I'm still going over to the Heart Songs.   I'm getting closer to both hands on Good Night Ladies and Onward Christian Soldiers!  

It hasn't been all movies and music this week though.   We had decent weather and the few days I've not been feeling crappy with a cold I've been busy outside when I can.   The poodles are doing great work and you can watch a few minutes HERE!   Alas yesterday with the oncoming weather I did get out and took down all the agility equipment in the front yard and put it away for the winter.  Except the weave poles which I will keep working on with Epic when it isn't slippery.   The other dogs are enjoying sunshine when they can (Friday they actually got some front deck time) and I think they all are doing better now that I'm home more.

I got exciting news yesterday (and photos) that my trailer is now on the production line being built!  Super excited about that!  They say it should be done in a couple weeks.  Then I gotta find someone to deliver it!  Woop!

I got signed back on to Ancestry and am working on genealogy for a month till my subscription runs out.  I try to get on every year at some point and get things updated and do more research using the new records they get put in.  Am amazed how much information I find but am also amazed how suspect some of the other Family Trees are out there that pop up in hints.  I think some people really don't research what they see but rather accept it all as real if a date matches with a name.   Regardless I'm getting a long ways back (like the 1500s on one side) and am finding other possibilities for information.   I also got some updates put in for people I have more information on.   I can safely say it is like a big ol puzzle which is probably why I get so entranced working on it.   There have been a couple late nights as I get so deep I can't quit - LOL.  Am hoping to get some stories put together for my Mom and my Brother at some point.   I think they will be surprised.  The biggest surprise so far was finding that one of my Mom's uncles ended up in Ronan MT!   Who knew!  :-)  Like Far Side though I love the photos and stories the best!  The photo below is my Grandmother on my Mom's side (on the right) and her parents and her sisters at the time.

I promised some blogs about all of that so for now I'll leave you all with a hearty good night.   The Big Sleep will be on shortly!




Lady Fi(non-registered)
Wonderful shots - love your dog pic and the old one of your family.
I loved hearing more from/about you in this post. The first photo is adorable. I just love sunlight shots like that. And the old photos are priceless - they really are. Good luck with your project. Oh and, movie and popcorn night is pretty much every night at my place : )
Hi There, Glad to hear from you --although we were on vacation in Maggie Valley, NC ourselves recently. Love catching up on you and your furry babies and your life. I look forward to winter (when I have more time to work on my Genealogy)....

We had a freak snowstorm here in TN over the weekend... I'll blog about it tomorrow.
I love to watch your poodles do their thing! Epic reminds me of our Lewis - anything for that ball....

How will you travel when your new trailer arrives, once in awhile or more often? Where will you go? You can tell I'm champing at the bit to get on the road again, can't you!
Love the old photo of your family. I wish I had time to dabble in Ancestry.
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