Before the Arctic Blast

November 12, 2014  •  9 Comments

On Sunday morning I got up to no wind and although a gray morning I decided that I needed to get at least the poodles and for sure my fat buns out for a walk before the dreaded cold showed up that they were promising (it arrived by the way and it is supposed to be below zero and single digits for the next couple days).    Sorry to all looking for wildlife photos as I only took the little camera so that I could enjoy the dogs and the walk so all you get is dog pics this post.

Teddy decided to go with us (begged actually) and although he is very fearful of being bowled over by poodles (thereby making him walk right under MY feet) he did get out and venture a bit.

I absolutely adore this photo of him!

This would be why he worries about the crazy curly ones....

Sterling may not be a water/bird dog but as he shows every time we see gophers at our house - he is part terrier!  LOL  I have no idea what he smelled but some other dog had dug there previously.


Another favorite shot from the walk....

Yes we also practiced stays (and posed for group photos).

This last one is one of the better ones I've gotten of them I think.  We all had a super time and were relaxed and happy when we got home and buttoned up for the oncoming rain, snow and cold.


cute pups burning off some energy!
The last picture shows three beautiful poodles.
Judy Bell(non-registered)
I think that last photo is a real winner.
I'm happy! All dog pictures is perfect for me, especially if most of them are standard poodles! Great last shot, its very difficult to get a good picture of a black dog with two lighter ones. I especially loved the one of Sterling, sans head.....

The weather is closing on us here also, although not quite that cold. Its snowing lightly right now and the temps are in the low 30s on their way down.

Lady Fi(non-registered)
What lovely shots of your dogs! They are adorable.
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