Grant-Kohrs Ranch - A Series (Part 1)

December 09, 2014  •  3 Comments

The Grant-Kohrs Ranch over in Deer Lodge, MT had their annual Christmas celebration the first weekend in December.   You can click on the link on the name to learn more about this fascinating look back into history (which I adore).  When I saw the announcement on Facebook I asked if any of my Helena buddies would like to go with and my wonderful friend, Nia sister and photographer buddy Robin took the bait I mean offered to come along!

I've not been to the ranch since gosh, before my Dad passed so I'd say it's been 28 years or so and that trip was during the summer.   I honestly only remember touring the house but not much else.  This trip was a treat.   We decided to get their early (the Open House was 1-4) before the hords of people arrived and made photography more challenging.    Since they were also doing crafts and treats and wagon rides I knew there would be alot of families there.  Nothing against families mind you but having a quiet intimate stroll through the exhibits is a bit hindered by them sometimes.   Luckily we had absolutely MAGNIFICENT weather.  It was 45 degrees by the time we headed home.

I took so many photos and honestly I really just want to share them without much fanfare (again, you can go to the link and find out about a lot of what you'll see) and let you just enjoy the sights.  I'm sorry I couldn't bottle up the smell in the horse barn where they have all their horse tack - it was heavenly.   So I hope you enjoy these installments and aren't upset that I'm breaking them into parts.  Yes, I've done some texture work and such on some of the photos as the old time things sometimes just yell for that!

Our early morning tour guide!



These images really evoke the hardships of the early settlers, both the wider views and the close-ups. I get goosebumps just looking at pictures of snow!
Far Side(non-registered)
You have such a beautiful background...hard to take bad photos! :)
Brian King Images
The wagon and old farm equipment are spectacular! The snow and background certainly help! Beautiful!
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