Grant-Kohrs Ranch - Part 3

December 11, 2014  •  4 Comments

There were wagon rides for whomever wanted to go with a little commentary and a chance to feed the cows (you'll see that later).  Isn't this rig super fun?   They also did a bonfire and roasted marshmallows.

Isn't it amazing the things they used.  And we think we are so smart with our camping equipment.   Do you see the dinner triangle? Imagine riding your butt on that seat over the prairie and the gopher holes and rocks and mountains!  Ouch!  I said, my neck and head hurt just thinking about riding in some of those buggies and wagons.   There was an entire building on site too with buggies and wagons, just not enough light to do photos.

The ladies were starting to come out to catch some rays.  Yes I repeat -  a working ranch!  You should see the garden plots around this place too!


Far Side(non-registered)
Oh I love that old wash basin and the wheel and the dinner triangle photo...excellent:)
Brian King Images
These are awesome! Love the photo of the ax!
Coloring Outside the Lines(non-registered)
Cool place- I can't imagine having to ride anywhere on a hard wood seat. Many years ago I attended a church that did not have cushions...very uncomfortable after an hour.
Lady Fi(non-registered)
Great shots. That wagon is adorable and I do really like the last shot.
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