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December 05, 2014  •  2 Comments

I have to apologize to all those bloggers who I normally visit and just haven't gotten to recently and to my readers as I've not been posting like I should.   With Thanksgiving so late this year I'm pressing hard to get Christmas gifts done and hopefully in the mail in the next week so my blogging and reading has really taken a back seat.  As has my photography.

So here is a little update....without giving away things I'm doing for gifts. 

Knitting!   This isn't a "give away" as my co-worker and friend Peggy asked for a headband for Christmas that was like my wide fleece one that I made myself last year.   Of course not a store in town had the fleece yarn so it had to be ordered and I spent part of my long weekend working on the knitting loom again.   I do enjoy that and am glad I had a reason to get it back out.

Work!   Oh yes, of course my work life got really busy as the project I'm responsible for goes live this month so there is lots of testing and researching and tweeking going on all in preparation to give our business clients the best we can when they actually see the product.

Ornaments!   Working on a number of ornament projects.  One being a kit that I got years ago and after making one, didn't make any others.  This year I'm busy making ribbon birds...well I was until I used up the kit ribbon and went looking for just plain old curling ribbon that is the same on both sides (so it will weave correctly).  HA!   So far I've checked all but Walmart and no luck.   I want to continue making some while I remember how they go together so I don't have to painstakingly go through the directions each time!

Beading!  Well not really yet.   I got these amazing beads at a craft show and they are made of paper.   The Mother of a girl that went to Uganda and decided to stay and work with the women was selling all kinds of their bead work at the craft sale and 100% of the money goes back to Uganda and the women.   I like these beads because they are so light.

Trailer!   Yes my new trailer FINALLY made it here.   After a terrible experience with a shipper on Uship.Com, the manufacturer of my trailer had the transport company they use bring it and they were super great to deal with!    1600 miles and one seriously dirty trailer later it is tucked neatly beside my garage awaiting warmer weather so I can get out and spend some time in it figuring out flooring and where I'm going to be able to fit anything.  Let the decorating begin!  Not a lot of room at all in there but I need to get the bed lifted all the way up to get a better feel of how it will all pan out.  It is NICE though and I'm giddy excited.  It will be so hard to leave it till Spring before I can use it but in the meantime camping destination planning is in progress!

Dogs!   Well we've been hole up pretty much as it hasn't been very warm and I've been busy.  Am hoping to get out with the poodles again for a nice long walk in the near future but we will have to see.  I gotta get my life in order and start doing some indoor training with them.  We can always work on nose work and frankly, I need to quit turning on the TV and do it!   Epic has surgery scheduled in a couple weeks to help the hormones that are making him and all of US nuts!   

The bird feeders have been busy since the snow is on the ground and I've enjoyed watching all of the birds.  I even saw the shrike who I have not seen in years.   It was interesting as I heard a bird hit the living room window HARD one day over the weekend and by the time I got up the shrike was sitting on the deck trying to figure out how to get to the seriously injured bird.  I didn't get a photo as he was apparently hungry and in a hurry but he did eventually take the bird off.     These guys will give you an idea just how cold it was!

That is about it for now and I am sure I've missed things but oh well will catch it next time if I remember - hahaha!


So, what surgery is Epic having? Oh wait, I think I know.........

Interesting trailer, tell me more about what you plan to do with looks like a toy hauler?
Far Side(non-registered)
That is some should love it! You better get busy and get everything done around your house before spring hits! Your yarn loom looks very interesting and what ever you are knitting is beautiful!
I haven't been taking as many photos lately either...your bird photos are terrific:)
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