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January 27, 2015  •  7 Comments

I've been so bad about blogging lately that this post is going to be a long one and kind of jump all over the place.   I really just haven't felt much like getting on and writing and haven't had anything exciting in the photo department so I took the camera out yesterday with our lovely spring weather and did get some pictures so you don't have to slog through a bunch of reading for nothing.

We finished up dog classes in Bozeman a few weeks ago and had a great time with our friend and trainer Nancy and new and renewed friendships in our classes.  Epic really loved cross training class as it is all about moving and trying new things.   He was less excited about scent work so Sterling actually got to play in 2 of those classes instead and did great and I think we improved his finds and did discover I still need to work on his alerts a bit.   

This past weekend Sterling had therapy with his ladies on Sunday so we didn't get to do the last class.   We did however still have to make a trip to Bozeman and pick up dog food.   I took 3 of the boys (the poodles and Teddy) and since it was 50 degrees out when we left I stopped along the way at one of our favorite spots and we had a lovely hour long walk and explore.   No photos as I just wanted to get out and enjoy the boys and the walk and not haul along anything extra.   There really wasn't much to photograph anyway although we did spy a hot air balloon on our way back to the truck.  A surprise to see since they were predicting big winds and it was starting to rain.  

We ran our errands in Bozeman and as it started raining, headed home and detoured the "back way" to see if there would be anything worth pictures.  With the warm and rather dreary weather we saw virtually no birds around but when I saw a car pulled off the road we did see the largest herd of elk I have seen in my life.   I would say there were probably 300 in the herd and it stretched about 1/2 mile across the fields.  This is the same herd that some idiots shot into and slaughtered 3 big bulls out of earlier in the fall - shooting from the road.  Don't know if they caught them or not.  It was all shooting PICTURES from the road for me.  No hope of getting into the field to get closer as it was also the field where this rancher keeps his angus bulls!  LOL

No the elk hadn't taken down this fence - I don't think.

One of about 4 boys I saw in the herd.  I laughed as the boy is all distracted but all the girls are paying attention! Go figure.

It was a wild ride home over Jim Town Road as the mud and slush were so bad I had to put the truck back into 4WD to get up over the hill but we made it and everything was melting fast.   I am enjoying the warm weather here at home but admit I hate to see these chinook winds blow much longer as even some of the mountains are baring up and we need to keep that snowpack for the ground water, not to all run off.

Epic has been swimming with his Auntie Adele as well and OMG he loves it so much!   He practically drags me into the vet office and starts squeaking a mile up the road.   Last week he and Sterling both went and since it was cold and they were wet both came home for dinner in their coats.  This is the two of them practicing down stays while I get the doggie dinners ready.

I've still been putzing in the trailer and IF the road dries out this week I hope to get it in on Monday to get the hitch work finished on it finally!   Still I'm enjoying getting a little of this and that done inside.   I'd say we are pretty much ready to go with the accoutrements. Found a shoe bag that I hung in the bathroom for extra items that won't go in the cabinet in there and got it hung up.  I can say I so love Command Products!   I also found a small set of dog stairs at Bed Bath and Beyond in hopes they would help the little older dogs get in and out.   Below Magic is demonstrating and while they work okay, they are a tad short and I am still leaving the option of using one of the dog ramps instead (but thinking it may be too steep).   We shall see.   The trailer step will be left in so I can put fencing up against the trailer and make the "dog yard" outside the door - which allows them to go in and out at will when I'm there.   Just easier.

I got a "Pop a Plate" to use to hold paper plates and again utilize space better than just having them stacked somewhere.  It fit nicely on the roof inside my one upper cupboard (command strips again Yay!) and my little boxes that I found at Big Lots and was stashing loose behind the sink both fit inside as well and keep everything neat and tidy.  Was having issues with the silverware falling around in the boxes as they weren't quite tall enough but found a wire basket that fit nicely on the side and all is under control now!   The oven mitt and dishrag are in there just to kind of keep things from rattling too much.  I got a set of silicon lids (in the back right) to use instead of trying to deal with pot lids rattling around as well and are great on top of storage containers and bowls.   In the front there is my Yoshi mat (for the not yet purchased grill and park firepits) and right up front is the nifty drip coffee maker I found.  While I don't drink coffee my Mom does and when we don't have hookups a coffee maker isn't going to work.  I have a neat silicon flat tea pot stuffed in there somewhere and the drip filter is also silicon and fold flat.  Insert a small paper filter, 2T of coffee set it on top of your cup!  Neat huh!

I am constantly amazed by the number of slick space saving items you can find when you look.  Backpackers have it figured out for sure and the JavaDrip I found at REI when I stopped by there last weekend.  I'd actually thought about a stainless steel french press but this will work just as well and takes up way less room!

I also found that my folding table will work slick inside our outside as well.   It is only 4' long and is adjustable in height so it will also work to eat off of inside using the ottoman benches to sit on!   The bed rails work for bunging it up against the wall and will still allow for the bed to raise and lower if I just scoot the cord down a bit.

One of the silverware items I didn't like having up in the box was my sharp knives.  I don't like reaching into baskets (including in the dishwasher at home) and getting stabbed and didn't want to dull the knives by having them rattle around with all the other silverware.   So had seen on many of the RV blogs this Camco Knife Safe.    Space saving and keeps the knives in one spot on the lower cabinet.  Had hoped it would fit on the door of the uppers but it was juuuuuust that much too big.   Still works perfectly fine here.

An item I've had on my to get list for a while, not just for the trailer has been a rocking folding chair.  My Mom is a rocker - always has been and I find so am I.   It is calming and relaxing I guess.   I'd seen a number of options on RV blogs and decided I wanted to try some.  One of the things though we have to consider is uneven ground - inside agility barns, out camping etc.   I had seen this on Judy's blog and thought it looked like the ticket but still wanted to actually sit in one before buying.  REI came through again and I brought it home.  Hope my Mom will enjoy it as much as me.  It fold a lot like my "perfect chair" (purchased years ago at an agility trial and LOVE IT) and has a drink holder to boot!  

Still have a lot to sort through and get done trailer wise but it is coming together and of course I'm doing the fun stuff first.   Next is to get up into the garage rafters and sort through the junk I took out of the motorhome and decide what stays and what goes.   Still looking for silicon bakeware for the toaster oven but also found silicon ice cube trays for the first time (I hate the breakage and mess of regular plastic trays) and I'm in love with those.   Have a couple more on the list to pick up as I'm using them in the house as well (the silicon pan lids are also now used at home too).

Meanwhile in dog land the ongoing struggle with elderly canines continues.   Paqui my xolo in particular is becoming a challenge.   He has some signs of dementia but for the past couple years has had an increasing problem with peeing.   As in he pees a LOT and OFTEN.   We were managing it with belly bands (covers velcro over disposible diapers).  Worked for almost 2 years at night and during the day on those days I was in the office.   Then in the past few months the ones at night were fine but during the day he was getting under the cover and ripping up and eating parts of the sodden diapers.   Now he's always had issues eating things he shouldn't.  Since day one!   His foster Mom (who got him when he was 8 weeks old) and I have always said he had some neurological issues most likely due to the lack of nutrition his first 2 months and probably his Mom's nutrition before (his Mom was literally being fed sawdust in the poor mountain region of the south when found).   Still itw as leaving a huge mess for me to clean up every night when I got home and he and his bedding were still wet and smelly.  I tried making sure he wasn't doing it out of frustration with one of the little dogs coming into the dog room and harassing him - that wasn't it.   Then I thought he just needed to be in a more airy bigger space than his crate so set up an expen where the crate had been.  Made cleaning up messes easier too.  That wasn't it.  Then I thought maybe just leave him out in the house during the day with the other littles that have free run.   Seemed like a plan as when I was home he would reliably get up and go out to the utility room pee pads if I couldn't get him outside.   Well that lasted one day and he decided marking or peeing anywhere was fine.   Back to belly bands but still with freedom.  Nope - ripped them up along with moving virtually every bed in the living room all over.  Sigh.  I asked my dog friends for thoughts - we still have one more vet visit to make to rule out any other physical ailments (he's been in twice in 18 months and been deemed healthy) so that is on the agenda.   After having him snatch out of a basket and eat one of my soft glasses cases (again, not something new for him) I knew he could not be left loose in the house as that particular activity seems to be picking up again as well (and that day I was out of the house for all of an hour).   Yeah - Epic isn't my only handful!!!   So below is his new setup.    I had been leaving Sterling in the back bedroom (used to be where the dogs crates were) during the day when I was gone but he's now old enough that he isn't getting into trouble if left out.   So gated off 1/3 of the room, laid down a full size waterproof pad and put Paqui's blankies all in the crate.   We are going to see how it goes.  He's a bit confused right now - easy to do with his old mind but a bone in there has seemed to be enough to convince him he won't die in there.   I'm pretty sure that for any trips of any length he's not going to be able to go with us in the trailer unless I know I can get out there to potty him every couple hours or so.   Time will tell as will the vet visit I guess/hope.  Meanwhile the eating (or trying) to eat inedibles continues as he stole one of my slippers off the breakfast bar this weekend and started in on it when I caught him.   I knew of all of my elderly dogs - he was going to be the hardest and he is!  :)

The new setup for the little dogs in my office.

Bonus to the Paqui move was being able to get rid of all of these buggers off of the crates above.  All are folding wire crates and these are on the one side to hold the crate together when folded up.  Problem is they flip out and about when not in use and catch the other crates or anything else.   Every time I moved crates to clean they were catching on things so YAY - fixed! Monday night was so lovely out when I got home that even the neighbors were out (playing in the mud haha).   Our neighbors down the road at the dead end are animal lovers and not sure if their daughter is going to be using these as a 4H project or what but last summer they started walking 2 miniature horses up and down the road.  Last night was somewhat of a rodeo as one had gotten loose (the white one) and as they tried to catch her she went on a full out run down past the daughter who had the other in halter and was walking along.  Little brown horse took off and ripped the lead rope out of her hands and both of them took off up the neighbors yard.  Amazingly by the time I got my shoes on to go help they had managed to get both back in hand and headed home.  I can't imagine trying to walk in the 6" of slick mud we have on our road right now much less keep a hold of two frisky horses.

After all the horse chaos I was able to let the dogs back outside to enjoy the last of the rays of sunshine.   Ahhhhhhh......





Bandit (find rays on the couch thank you):

Epic - so happy to play but missing the snow:



I enjoy meeting all your dogs! They are so much fun!

Linda ❤⊱彡
JEANNE STONE(non-registered)
Love that shot of Magic with the curled up tongue!
Far Side(non-registered)
It can be anything with an old dog...dementia, incontinence...it just happens sometimes. I hope the Vet has some solution for you. Good photos of all your littles:)
Its always a detective game with these old guys isn't it? Sometimes I wish they could talk to me, then again, sometimes I'm glad they don't!

I'm still trying to find a good set of stairs or ramp to use getting Sasha into the jeep. No luck so far. Our ramp is way too big and takes up most of the space inside and the same with any stairs. So Dave just lifts the big lunk up and puts her inside. Seems easiest, but I worry about his back, she's a big girl!

Thanks for the individual pictures of your crew, I loved seeing them all.
You sure have a busy time with Rv and a bunch of dogs. You must be so patient. Loved the elks.
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