January 19, 2015  •  5 Comments

Thought we'd play a little hide and seek first off here.  See how amazing this youngster is camouflaged?   Can you see him/her in this first photo? 

 Here's zoomed in as far as my big fat lens would go.....a lovely young bald eagle.

I've seen eagles (bald and golden) every time I've traveled this road the past month.   All on road kill but this Sunday when I went it was warm, the roads were dry and no kills.   But I saw a number of large birds in this area in trees and found a spot to pull off.  Here are the shots of some of the adults.   The inflight shots didn't turn out as clear as I'd hoped but I will admit it was because I was caught off guard and just shot them anyway.

The ones below were all taken at my full zoom just cropped them in.   I'd have stayed to get clear shots had I not been on my WAY to class and did not want to be late.


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Awesome! I know I would have been late to class! I wouldn't have been able to just leave. But then we don't see eagles here very often.
Lady Fi(non-registered)
Wow - amazing shots!
Far Side(non-registered)
Great shots! I especially like that flying shot! :)
I always think it is good luck to see an eagle. They are a photographers dream. You captured them well. I am surprised at the size of the beak on the one on the ground.
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