Lunch Walk and Surprise

January 28, 2015  •  9 Comments

On my work from home days I love that I have the time and ability to take my lunch hour and be able to get out and walk with some of the dogs.   Of course my favorite spot is 10 minutes from my house (but 25 from the office so a no go then) and since it is just too freaking muddy around my place to walk I took advantage of the day and the weather and took 3 of the boys up to the reservoir to walk.   Epic stayed home as he gets to go swim after I get off work so off I went with Sterling, Teddy and today Louie also went along.

One thing I do enjoy about winter trees is that you can see all the bird habitats that you cannot see when the trees are leafed out.   Always amazes me that these nests can cling to the branches so well with the winds we get.

Some macro shots to share.   This one probably would be a cool texture too but isn't the quality I like as I only took the little pukey point and shoot camera along.   I still am hating this Panasonic and once it dies I will likely go back to the little Nikon.   Just not thrilled with the quality or the hassle I have with this but I didn't feel like taking the big DSLR with (you'll see later that I should have - of course).

I am always super proud of this boy when he gets brave and leaves my feet.   Today he was super brave quite often and I think there were almost 3 times I had to call him to catch up with us.    At this rate Teddy is going to be my "cling-on" not Louie.   He had such a lovely time and I was so happy to see those soft relaxed eyes (but boy does he need a haircut).

You can tell the trail is all still a sheet of ice so we walked the side of it.   

Believe it or not I did not pose these two here.   Sterling was off and they paused on this tree so I caught em!   My two crested explorers!  

I thought they'd all jump over this tree but cheater cheater decided under was the way to go.

Then there was Mister "Wheeeeee".   All four off the floor.

Pure Joy!   I did really notice how different these 3 are when we are hiking without Epic.   I think they were way more relaxed.  Epic still is in that adolescent stage of charging at the others when he wants to play and they don't enjoy that.   

Okay this one I set up as we walked back to the truck.   Sterling was way more interested in the goose wing that he could smell in the trees so wasn't thrilled that I made him stay.

This is why I had wished I had the good camera with me.   As we were bushwhacking through a bunch of the trees and willows on this one spit of land (it literally just has deer trail through it) the boys were off sniffing and I was trying to keep from getting my eye poked out.   I heard a flutter and saw a bird fly by.   Stopped and tried to locate it (okay I didn't have my glasses on either).   Much to my BIG surprise it was an owl and landed fairly close to us.  I quietly told the boys to stay where they were and tried to get the camera to focus.  Well no classes and that stupid LCD screen didn't allow it and the owl took off.   I just wanted enough of a shot to id it as I knew it wasn't the resident great horned owl.   I saw where it headed and it was down the trail where we were going.  Kept an eye up and it flew again and landed.  This time I decided to try to "triangulate" with the triangle of branches and get the shot.   Much to my surprise - even with the shadows (which I had to edit) I got it before it flew away.   Off we went back down the trail trying to keep sterling from eating whatever it was he was eating (I suspected poop).

It is a Norhern Saw-Whet owl.  AllAboutBirds says:  A tiny owl with a catlike face, oversized head, and bright yellow eyes, the Northern Saw-whet Owl is practically bursting with attitude. Where mice and other small mammals are concerned this fierce, silent owl is anything but cute. One of the most common owls in forests across northern North America (and across the U.S. in winter), saw-whets are highly nocturnal and seldom seen. Their high-pitched too-too-too call is a common evening sound in evergreen mountain forests from January through May.

That said one of the other owl sites did say that they are seen quite often as they will let humans get fairly close  and if you want to find them - like other owls, look at the base of trees for pellets.   Well guess what Sterling REALLY was eating?  Yup!  I wondered why that particular item I couldn't get him to leave (deer poop isn't so good he won't leave).   How do I know?  It all got upchucked on the family room floor when we got home.  YUM!  Not!  Nevertheless this is a big old FIRST for me to see one one of these so I was super excited!  Best lunch walk ever!!!!!



Wow! What a brilliant walk, I wish I'd been with you. I was intrigued by the nest, shivered at the sight of the ice, laughed about your dogs and was thrilled by the owl - what a beauty and well done getting such a great shot with your 'pukey' (haha!) little camera.
Sure was an interesting walk. The photos are great even though you had difficulty. Bill loves his Panasonic Lumix.
I love watching your pups at play...The joy just bounces through!

Linda ❤⊱彡
You have some smart and brave dogs
JEANNE STONE(non-registered)
I totally love your shot of the saw whet owl! Great capture. Also always love seeing sterling on his outings and your shots of all your doggies. Have not been by for awhile as it seems as if I have been on overload on my life. Best to you and hope you are having a great year so far
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