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November 05, 2015  •  9 Comments

Yes people I am still alive and kicking and have not been abducted by aliens or humans (or dogs for that matter).   I apologize to anyone that I've worried (you know who you are) and assure you I'm just finding that I need a little time away from writing blog posts and honestly from the technology as well.   Okay I will also admit that I've been posting on FB more now that I have a phone I can just snap a photo on and upload it.   So shoot me!   

Life is busy and crazy as the Autumn items start piling up.    The loss of a boss at work has definitely changed the workloads of my team right now and that is not a bad thing.   Busy means time rolls by faster for sure!  But my office mates on the days I can work from home are pretty sweet!

I've also been committing myself to getting back to training with my poodles.   The retirees at the house are good with some lovin' and pettin' (and food of course) but the poodles really want more and I've not been giving that too them.  So we are back working on at least once a week actual training work at a friends place, some work in the front yard with the cart as well as some agility trials thrown in for fun.

Oh yes and we are still doing therapy work!   

I am also rolling on craft projects trying valiantly to get some things lined up for the holidays.   Our new Hobby Lobby opened up in town so I am finally able to take a couple of my projects off of hold as I can get items to actually finish them!  Yes, I also took a week to just chill and put together a jigsaw puzzle - it was an impulse thing but now has been "done" and the counter is cleared for crafts once again.   I am promising myself to do ONE craft at a time, finish it and then move on as I'm one of those those "Look!  Squirrel!" people that can easily end up with 4 or 5 things going at once and then feel overwhelmed and not finish any.   Sad but true.   Anyone else?  Yeah I thought so.    Craft shows abound this time of year and that is equally as dangerous.   Anyone else do the "Oh I looooove that!   But I can make it myself...." thing?    Ahh come on it can't just be me!

2016 vacation planning is also in full swing.   I want to make sure that I get my time approved and figured out so I don't lose any along the way (we have a ceiling on how much we can have and then accruals stop) or "plan" too many things that I have too little to take it when I want to.    So far a trip to WA late spring and a fun Dog Camp trip planned early summer (with 5 poodle families coming too) are set with other plans of dog shows and a family vacay in the Fall on the horizon.

Those are some of the highlights of late.   Mostly phone photos as I've just not had the time to go out poking around for big bad pictures.  Probably should do that sometime!   I'll put  that on the list with my 10,000 other activities that are looming around since just having holidays to deal with isn't enough!   hahaha    Life is pretty good, have some "things" I'm working through which is also contributing to the lack of writing and photography but progress is being made.

Thanks for hanging in there with me though!  Know I do really really appreciate it!


jeanne stone(non-registered)
Does sound as if you have been pretty busy. I have enjoyed being off work... for 10 weeks now and probably another 6-8 weeks to go. Almost makes me feel retired, or like i should. Interesting to see your photos with the snow. Still 65 degrees or more in Texas. Looks as if your pups are enjoying the extra time with you. Enjoy the fall and have yourself some wonderful holidays!
Winter is here, ins't it? A little bit early. Snow is thick in the mountains, where it needs to be. I love seeing your puppies all snuggled in and warm.

┊  ★
Lady Fi(non-registered)
You have been busy! Great to see that life is busy and good...
I love the shots of Sterling doing therapy, it is so emotional. What is your Facebook name so I can be friends.
Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines(non-registered)
I've been otherwise occupied also..then I feel guilty that I have neglected my blog. But I'm hoping few and far between is better than completely giving it up.
I hope all your plans work out- I 'm worry warting Christmas right now- but once through that I will be looking towards vacations for next year.

Have a super day!
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