Reporting some Holiday Cheer

December 07, 2015  •  4 Comments

I will admit to you all that I wasn't sure a few weeks ago how cheery I was going to be as I still really felt like well CRAP!   Luckily slowly I think my body is starting to heal from whatever was ailing it (yes I admit it is highly likely STRESS that was/is causing the physical discomforts).   But Thanksgiving weekend was very cold, quiet and restful (who wants to remove themselves from the lovely fire when it is 0 out).    My energy isn't back to where I'd like it but better than it was.  I kind of decided frankly that I'm sick of being sick!

So that is the health report anyway for what it is worth.  Yuck!   The past week was a busy one but I was lucky that it did warm up enough to go use my friend's training building on Friday and we got 45 minutes of pretty darned good Rally-O work done with the poodles.   So nice to have a bit more space to work in with the heeling work and I'm pleased how they did.   Sunday we actually had a pretty nice morning dawn and both boys also got some cart work in so YAY us!

I've not been terribly productive these past few weeks and I will say that one of my de-stressing tools has been to get back to some reading an truly that isn't helping getting "things" done.   One borrowed Janet Evanovich and one Amanda Quick book done in 3 days I have now started another book that is a bit easier to tear myself away from and do chores!   

One of the projects I am working on is an afghan which has gone on pause now or semi-pause while my left arm screams at me (yeah that stress is all knotted up in my left neck).   I found the yarn on sale and decided to go with it!

Remember these?   They have turned into ornaments now (yes guilty of stealing that idea from one of the craft fairs).   They were actually pretty fun to make with the 60 little squares of paper!  

I also broke down and decided to decorate for Christmas this year.  I have NOT done that gosh for over 5 years and I had finally discarded my old artificial tree way back then (a 10 footer that I could fill).   The poodle came out and found a spot in the dog sculpture garden and we only broke her neck once so far playing fetch out front - oops! (not to worry the pink santa flamingo is safe up on the deck).

And I went and got a new tree.  Well ordered online I should say.   Oh, well, 1/2 a tree.   Yup, I decided I did not want a big whole tree when the only place I really had to put it was in a traffic pattern against a wall.  I also wanted something a bit shorter so it could be up off the floor.  Both were accomplished and it also made me weed out a whole lot of ornaments that were promptly donated to the Veterans Foundation to go to good homes.   Then I actually managed to find that there is a "star" setting on my little camera!   I love my tree, still have ornaments left over but it is full of memories and virtually all but maybe oh maybe 6 of the ornaments are handmade by me and family and friends.   Big HEART on that one.

I thought I'd also share a few other special items that came out for the holidays as well.   This sleigh and reindeer were made by my Mom and Dad over 30 years ago.   The deer come apart for storage and they are one of my favorite things.

The other antique memory that came out is this.   Raise your hand if you had or have one of these ancient cardboard nativity scenes.  Yes it is missing a piece or two but can you believe this thing is gosh,  probably 50 years old and still fits together (okay there has been a bit of tape repair to parts of it)!   This sat in my bedroom on my dresser each Christmas for more years than I can count and I do so love it.  Yes I even still have the original box.

These are some beaded bells I made a zillion years ago with a friend.  All I remember is they were a pain in the rear to make and apparently 10 was too many as there are 9 on this light string.  Still they make me very happy!


Oh of course I have a few pooch pictures to show!  Needless to say since their Mom isn't 100% there has been a lot of this whilst I sit and read books.  

He always has to upend his! The one piece of furniture he feels HE should be in - yup make yourself comfy buddy!

So that's all I got folks - for now.    Hope you are all happy, warm and healthy!




Love that you have an OLD nativity scene. I'm scaling back, too. Tree not so big this year. Can you tell me more about that afghan? Name of pattern, yarn used, knit or crochet, etc.?
I like your beautiful new tree and its "old" ornaments. We used to put up and decorate two live Christmas trees in our big old farm house, but have given most of the sentimental ornaments to our Son for his tree, passing the torch so to speak. Its strange seeing them in a different house, I must admit.

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful crew.....
We may be inspired by your inspirational Christmas cheer.
Far Side(non-registered)
Your tree is a beauty! I love the Nativity Scene and you kept the original box too...way to go! That afghan is going to be lovely, I like the bright colors:)
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