Spring? In February?

February 08, 2015  •  9 Comments

Yes indeedy we've been having spring weather (including the wind) here the past few days and aside from the mud and lack of snow I'm not complaining and neither are my dogs who are enjoying sunshine the few times we actually see it (has been rather gray).   Since I need to get online and do some work here in a bit I figured I better get on and crank out this blog post before I am tired of computing and want it to just go away.    Plus I actually got the camera out for a bit today (it wishes it had stayed home as it is now covered in mud after I slipped and fell while hiking).   

Had a super productive Saturday (now I understand why the weekends fly by so quickly) in that I got in my yoga class, a stop at the FebFest and then on to run errands.  Those weren't very fruitful but I was able to find a set of hooks to use in the trailer for leashes and a narrow trash can that fits beside the toilet in the trailer as well.   Unfortunately the things I was REALLY looking for were not to be found in this town (and they wonder why we locals shop online).   I have since ordered the Warm Windows fabric to finish the shades in the trailer since hopes of finding anything remotely NOT related to quilting, yet related to sewing in this town is useless.   I also found a nifty little pressure gate to put int he trailer to help reduce the number of dogs that stampeded the door when they are loose inside.   I found with the motorhome that was VERY nice to have.   Won't keep the poodles or Paqui from walking over it but for now we are going to give it a try and it was cheap.  I also took a massive load of "stuff" to the thrift store and it always feels so good to be ridding oneself of extra "stuff".    Preparations are in process to paint the spare room my Mom stays in.

It was a busy day....

My goal for today (Sunday) was to try to beat the gale force winds and people at the reservoir and get a long walk in with the poodles.  It was such a lovely day we made it the entire way around (a first for me in a LONG time).   I did a bit over 6 miles and the poodles did probably 10 miles <grin>.  They so were ready to get out and blow off some energy!

There were also a number of opportunities to practice some macro shots along the fence line.

The scenery - even though it is winter and brown, was pretty awesome as we actually had sunshine today!  Woop!   There must have been 15 vehicles parked at the boat launch and after a number of 60+ degree days those guys are NUTS being out on that ice.  Just sayin.

That last one (above) is a view of part of Helena from the parking lot.   The mountain just to the right of the middle is Mount Helena which sits right up from downtown.    Sill amazes me how large and spread out this city has become.

As I mentioned, I did have one crash in the mud (trying to climb one little gully) but it did afford us the opportunity to see some raccoon prints (or I think they are).

Since the day was going to be warm I knew there would be a LOT of people out on the trails with their dogs so we just try to make a wide berth when we see them.   I had seen a gentleman with his bird dog quite a ways off and he saw us and headed down towards the water.   We walked on by but as I was stopped down in one of the washes pulling burs out of my poodles hair AGAIN - he popped over the crest.  Surprised us both but what a lovely gentleman.  He leashed up his tri-color gordon setter puppy and I leashed mine.   He asked if his pup could com get some socialization and I said sure.   I'd finished Epic and was working on Sterling so let everyone visit on leash while we talked.   I have definitely decided that Epic - for as much as he would like to play - plays like the school yard bully.   WAY too much energy and punch.   Sterling of course spent his time schmoozing up to the gentleman.  He so prefers humans!  Puppy was having such a great time and what a lovely puppy.  He is quite the show off and it was hard to get even one clear shot so this is it!

He was out learning about birds with his Dad and having a blast!  Love those puppy "crazy eyes" - haha.   So on we went with muddy camera, muddy pants and happy dogs.   Here are the parting shots of my boys who had a marvelous time (as is apparent by the burs in Sterling's bracelet (which is now cut short).

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well.   Another busy week on tap here and hoping my sample backsplash tiles arrive.   


Beautiful winter photos that don't look very winter, for Montana anyway. One of my supervisors took a job in Helena last year. I like to think of the good people that I know that live in Helena : ) So beautiful there.
Hi, Gorgeous pictures --not only of your gorgeous furry babes but also your beautiful area... Hasn't the weather been crazy this year? We have had almost not snow at all --and even though we have had some cold weather, it hasn't been nearly as cold as last year. Then there are other areas (like New England) who have been hammered with snow. Crazy!!!!!!

I'm proud of you for doing SIX miles... Wow --that is awesome. I can't wait 'til I can hike/walk more... My knee/leg is gradually getting better --but there's still pain.... It's just going to take some time.

Brian King Images
I love barbed wire! Nice shots! And such gorgeous country!
Beautiful scenery and for dogs.
Life on a Colorado Farm(non-registered)
This early spring is just wonderful! I hope it doesn't lead to terrible wildfire season! For now we call all enjoy it!

Linda ❤⊱彡
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