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February 24, 2015  •  3 Comments

....and once again I am here falling behind on blog posts.   Last week frankly, just got crazy when I took the van back in on Monday because the "problem" wasn't fixed, heard a lot of "it could be this that or the other thing", came back to work and decided the van was going into retirement.  Not an easy thing as I really loved the van, it got super gas mileage and was a great size to travel in.   Car shopping (which I HATE) was next.   So spent Monday night scouring the internet - because no I will not, as a single woman, go deal with any of the local car salesman - sorry!    I knew from previous shopping over the years I likely would not find the best deal locally (hey I do buy local when it is feasible) but before I even got that far had to figure out what I wanted.  I've not shopped for a new commute car in 7+ years, however I knew my budget, that I wanted reliable (the recent van issues proved that) and it had to get the same or better gas mileage than the van and not already have 100K+ miles.    I cannot even tell you how bleary eyed I was out finding reviews, available cars and all by the end of that night!

By the end of the day Tuesday, I'd found what I wanted at the Lithia dealer in Billings - actually where I'd gotten the van years ago (also bought sight unseen but again, knew what I wanted).   They were very fair and easy to deal with then and are one of the few dealers that when you send a question to them via their website you actually get a answer!  Called my techie/gearhead little brother for a quick check on what I was looking at and by Friday was headed to Bozeman (ended up being Livingston) to pick up my new-to-me car!    I really love it too!   It is a 2009 Toyota Scion which is kinda square like me but that gives more headroom and space honestly.  I really love that it is a stick shift which is likely why it was still on the lot.

Got the dog hammock in the back seat (keeps dirty dog paws off the seat and keeps them from having to deal with falling on the floor) and luckily found one of my ancient soft dog crates would fit in the rear with the seats up so that will be where the baby black spoo will ride (he's not allowed to be loose in the car).  Decided lime green accessories would also be the ticket inside since it is black in there.

I did find some stress relief in doing up a craft that I'd had sitting around for oh 15 years or so and remembered it Tuesday.   Needing to keep hands and mind busy I got it down and it will be perfect in the trailer.

Our weather turned sour Friday night (luckily not till we got home) and the weekend was just all around crappy in that department.   

Doesn't mean I didn't get a lot accomplished though.  Saturday was spent getting to yoga, coffee with a good friend and errands (floor mats for the new car for one).   Sunday Sterling had therapy which meant bath and groom in the morning for him.  Dot also got a bath and clip while I was in the mode.   Our therapy visit was long but only with 1/2 the ladies as one building had rampant flu going on and I didn't want to chance getting that!    Sent our apologies and that we'd spend more time next month when all are healthy again.   

Sunday I was apparently feeling very energetic as I also got the window coverings for the trailer finished.   The Warm Windows fabric arrived last week and I really wanted to get that out of the way.  Spent the evening watching the Oscars (or listening anyway) and tying (like you would a quilt) the covers.    Once it warms up I'll get the command hooks up and they'll be installed.  YAY!   I'll get photos when that is done.

Hope to get out to walk the poodles today (even though it is cold) since I lost most of my walks last week.  They need it and so do I!!  We'll see if there is anything interesting to take photos of - haha.


I think this car is perfect for you and yours. Scion is a great car and you should have many happy miles in it. I do the same as you. Research, research, research. By the time I step foot on a car lot I know the cars better than the salesmen do. No lie.
Love the hammock, especially the lime green. I keep thinking that I could use one.
Far Side(non-registered)
Looks like you did great car shopping! That is always so stressful...and expensive. Looks like you still have a little snow. :)
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