Weekend Wrapup (aka Monday blahs)

March 02, 2015  •  8 Comments

Okay so it isn't THAT bad!    

The weekend weather wasn't exactly the greatest - we had warmer temps and we did have sunshine (YAY for that one) but the wind was bitter cold as it was all week.    Still I knew I needed to get the poodles out for a long walk and picked what I thought would be the best day, rolled out of bed, loaded them up with Teddy and headed down the road from town to one of our favorite places to walk.  Only to find we'd been beaten to it!   No worries, lots of land out there so I drove down a bit farther and we walked the opposite direction.  One we'd never been down and they had a super fun time smelling all the new smells (new space also helps keep them closer to me).

After walking face first into the cold wind we found a road to walk down to get father in the WMA.   One gal was heading out with her dog in her car and another gal came out of nowhere (probably lives around the area) walked by and you'd think my dogs never see humans.  They couldn't help but go visit her (twice once on her way by and once on the way back).    

The sun and deep ditch was helping the water stay open along the way and a flock of robins was taking full advantage!

Not easy to get pictures of them though as Epic just really wanted to get over there and chase them around.   A few strong words and a down/stay helped that situation but the one photo I missed didn't happen again.   Oh well.   Still nice to see them as birds slowly but surely start to come back.

One big surprise was as we walked down the road we came upon a BLM dispersed camping area that I think will be a perfect spot (not too far from home) to break in the new trailer.   Need to get my generator yet but it will definitely help me figure out how things will work with no hookups and if it gets too bad, we hook up and go home!  :)  Plus I know it is a lovely area to be able to walk the dogs.  The only unknown is whether it is a hangout for the locals to come party although it look really clean so should be good there.   

We (okay the dogs) did find an abundance of dead stuff along the way.   Oooooo their favorite things to grab.   I don't even want to know some of the stuff they found but I did see many hides and a number of bones along the way.

All part of the hunting heritage and wildlife management and honestly - who knows what was killed by humans or not.  I really wasn't going to go find out.....

We wandered back towards the truck along the irrigation ditch and back to the bridge across, which is always unnerving for the dogs since there are no sides, it is probably 8' down to the bottom and you can see through the slats.  Still they were troopers about sitting there and staying (it helps that they'd walked run for 90 minutes as well) and sat for the obligatory photo.

Of course I had to get a couple of macro shots in too!  You know how it is when the scenery is pretty much all boring brown!  

Off to another week.   We are supposed to get sub zero temps tonight so back to burning what I have left for wood in the wood pile.   Am finding I am really out of practice splitting it though and have managed to pull out rib or two in the process.   Still good exercise and my chiropractor loves me!    Believe it or not though they are saying 50s by the weekend.   Won't break my heart.


Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines(non-registered)
Your dogs are so sweet and mind you so well! I, too, do not understand why dogs like to roll in yucky, icky, disgusting, smelly stuff. I can't imagine what they are thinking..LOL! Hoping for a weather reprieve here too..bring on the warmer temps!
I love the way the dogs pose for you. I think the scenery is nice, brown or not. You are cold and we are having a heatwave in March??? 38°C/100°F
Lovely photos from your walk. The mountains are beautiful even though everything is still brown. I wish we'd get some sunny days here too.
Far Side(non-registered)
Looks like a great place to camp! Do you ever worry about snakes ...just curious...I suppose they will come out soon. The boys sat real nice for you! Cold and windy here too for a few more days, 30's by Sunday..I hope! :)
You dogs look so great when they posing together.
Such a nice walk that you have had.
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