Bat Cave

April 08, 2015  •  5 Comments

I wanted to share a very quick post of my last project....part of which you saw in the last post remember this?

Tonight it was warm enough I could get out in the garage and finish putting it together.   The bat house is a single chamber and the book said it can hold up to 100 bats (bug eating machines).

The Montana Field guide says that we have about 7 year round bat species and of those 3 are "species of concern".   We also have about 3 other species  that are summer residents all of which are "species of concern".    You can see them HERE!  I can only hope that some bat houses might help especially those that are in trouble.  I know years ago I had a friend camping in my driveway who was quite a night owl and said that she had definitely seen bats around.  So next house will be for me to hang - but have to go get some more cedar first!


Far Side(non-registered)
Where did you get that green material, that will help them climb up into the box. We have leftover cedar from the back deck...perfect for a bat house. We have one but I don't think it was used:(
I have always wanted to make some...I'm so glad you are doing it. Let us know how it goes and if you get some bats!

Bob Bushell(non-registered)
Great idea, making your own Bat hotel. I'll bet they will love you.
Lady Fi(non-registered)
Great thing, bat caves. We have one near our house.
I remember reading how many insects they eat in one night of foraging.
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