Happy Easter All

April 05, 2015  •  7 Comments

Okay so the day is almost over but for those celebrating Passover and the like another week of celebration!    I've been so busy I've gone another week without any actual photography going on - just trying my best to keep things going at home and get things done.   Spring is coming along (although it is snowing a bit today) and as it warms up I want more and more to get things at home done and am busy planning some trips to do photos soon.   There just have been some other priorities (including some TLC time with 3 of my older dogs that are having some health challenges).

So yup, another catching up post and hope to get out and "catch up" with everyone else here in the next few days (since the weather is to be crappy).

My "serial multi-tasking" is still under control and am being really mindful of finishing projects before starting another.   I've caught myself a couple times this week though!  LOL

I finally finished my first scroll saw project in years and have plans for a couple of others already in the works.  This leash holder was a pattern from Sheila Landry that I've had for a very long time.  The upcoming projects have a bit more intricate work so I wanted to do a middle of the road one to get back in practice.  I think it turned out pretty well don't you think?

Okay so I did pause on that for an hour this week when my order of blades came as did the tubes I ordered that I wanted to use for storing them.  So I found one of the broken pieces of oak that had split and sanded it down, drilled out hold and put the tubes in and am really happy with the holder I have for all of them now.  Makes it easy and I can put the labels on them so I know what size they are.  Also allows me a place to put the teeny tiny drill bits I use for fretwork.

As I finished the leash holder I also went and got the cedar to build a bat house.  I've always wanted one and finally bought the book on how to build them (and bought the mesh it uses) and have started that.   I am now at the point of putting parts together so this is as far as I've gotten and will do that when it warms up as I need to caulk many of them as well as screwing and nailing it together.

I really  like the patterns in this book as they work to not waste wood - and at the price of a 12' piece of 1X6" cedar that is important!   Have a request from a friend that she would also like one so I'll see how this goes together.  The book also has great explanations of where to hang them.   You can google the Organization for Bat Conservation and order from them - less thatn 10 bucks.

It has been a lovely and busy Easter.  I took 3 of the boys and we managed to get all the way around the reservoir again today after a loooong absence from even getting to walk/run.   Happy to know I still can do the 6+ miles and it felt so good.  It was damp but the birds were singing (lots of meadowlarks out there) and they are finally starting to fill it in preparation for irrigation.   There hasn't been a real rise in the water yet so kayaking will still be kinda sucky but hoping we get a couple paddles in before they irrigate it down.   We shall see - it is so so dry around here.   We made it just right as it started to blow and spit snow as we got to the truck.

(phone pictures of the boys this morning)

Happy Easter and Happy  Passover to all!   This is all the "Easter" photography I did.


Bob Bushell(non-registered)
I love dogs paw, superb.
Sheila Landry(non-registered)
The leash holder came out great! And I love your fur babies! I am so happy you got to play with the scroll saw again. I find it so fun and relaxing. It is great to see your wonderful projects! I hope you had a great Easter! :) Sheila
Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'(non-registered)
Everything here is stupendous. What a great wood crafts'man' you are. These are all treasures. And the Easter photos are great also...the egg artwork is outstanding. Oh, and cannot forget the portrait of your trio....sweet!!!!
Far Side(non-registered)
Looks like a great leash holder! We have a bat house not sure it has mesh fabric inside. I will have to check it out, we like bats they eat skeeters. Yes I heard Montana got some snow for Easter....hardly seems fair but I suppose that weather will come this way:)
Love those poodles. They look so intelligent. Nice Easter pics too. You are clever working with wood like that.
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