Stars in My Eyes

April 20, 2015  •  6 Comments

As promised in the last blog here are the star photos I managed to get last Friday night.   Super fun - even though they were not what I "planned" for a location.   Luckily as we drove to the spot I hoped to use I noted a couple of other locations that might work where we didnt' have to hike in.   The spot I had in mind was a lovely little old falling down farmhouse that overlooks a lake and had mountains in the background.   Still want to use that as a shooting location but next time when we bring more/better lights and hike in from a different direction.   After finding a place to park and hiking out to that spot (over two cow pastures and 2 barbed wire fences) as it got darker and darker I realized that we likely would not be able to see the power poles to guide us back to the truck with just my one headlamp and there was NO TRAIL to follow.  That would have been too easy you know.   So before it got too dark we bailed and got back to the truck while we could.  Next time I think we try parking a different direction - up on the road where there is a "wash" we can walk down and get to the house.

So here is location plan B where we could safely park the truck and stay right there.   I exposed this one a bit longer but I am going to try to do some different layering of shots next time so I don't blow out the stars.  Still - can you see the dipper?   Dead center at the horizon.

I couldn't quit smiling when I pulled this one on to the computer and saw what I had.  Learning that it is really difficult to compose when you have little to no light (lighted with a headlamp before taking it) and a new camera lens you aren't used to.   Not bad for my second tie ever doing star shots.    I will be doing more reading and learn more about taking the shots and processing them.   This one was about a 21 second exposure.

Same location but more straight up - was looking to get trails but impatience got the best of me.  106 second exposure and at least 3 shooting stars (apparently the peak meteor showers are due this week.

Last location same barn you saw in the previous post.  Wasn't quite as happy with this as the bridge above.  This is one I think I need to figure out how to layer - maybe a 20 sec exposure for the stars and a long exposure to get the barn.   That's my programmer logic speaking there....then layer together and expose the 20 sec stars and the lighter barn.   Heck I don't know I'm going to have to experiment.

If you want to see larger versions of these - go to my Night Sky gallery and you can get to them there.


jeanne stone(non-registered)
I absolutely LOVE these shots and think you did an amazing job on them. This is something that I have not done before and can see that I really need to try this out. AWESOME beauty, and just magical. Have to ask what sort of lens you used and what settings. Curious!
Stunning images Sherry! The warm glow at the horizon on the 2nd and 4th shots adds a sense of mystery that makes me want to walk across dark pastures and over barbed wire to find out where it's coming from.
Hootin' Anni(non-registered)
I am truly stunned!! What beauty. So mysterious and yet, so wonderfully captured. You wonder just how many are looking down on you as your take the photos of this magical time?

By the way, thanks for stopping by I'd Rather B Birdin' and leaving a comment before you left!!

I'd like to invite you to Hootin' Anni's to view a special post of nature's thrilling day for me.
Lady Fi(non-registered)
Wow - your starry skies are simply magical!
Far Side(non-registered)
You did great! Practice and experimentation! You got some great trails:)
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