Stemple Pass

April 26, 2015  •  4 Comments

A very dear friend of mine from Canada came to visit this past weekend and Saturday we decided to explore the back roads in whatever direction it looked like there would be a break in the clouds and weather.   We got amazingly lucky in the weather as we took off west of town after a lovely visit to the local Farmer's Market (the first of the year) downtown.

These are some shots I took on the way up to the Continental Divide and the top of the pass.

Sadly this shot didn't capture the glow of the blooming willows but I will share some fun macros of them in a later post.

We say many many old buildings and all I can find for history is that there are a ton of mining claims up that way so have to assume that the old buildings are from mining activities.   I could not even find any information on how the pass got its name although I suspect it was named after a person.

Such a glorious and fun day with dogs and friend and just being out in nature relaxing and exploring.  One of my favorite things of all time to do!   More posts and photos will be forthcoming.


what a beautiful ride. Your friend had to love the little trip.

Lady Fi(non-registered)
Fabulous shots.
Hi, What a gorgeous ride you all had.. I always think of Montana skies as looking like that. It was beautiful and as clear as a bell.

We love to take off on the backroads... It's always SO much fun.

Very cool! I love the hinge shot! One of the many things I miss about MT is all the old broken down buildings. What a lovely day!
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