Surprise Photo Op

April 17, 2015  •  5 Comments

I haven't posted because well, I've just been super busy as you know, both at work and at home.  Working on scroll saw projects - the most recent I just finished last night and getting things in the trailer squared away in case my visitors coming down next week want to use it (and I think tonight we might have a slumber party out there with the dogs - just to see how it is going to work and the best way to deal with sleeping arrangements.   I wanted to get the pens set up outside and figure out the stair situation as well which I think I'm almost done with.

I've also been trying to keep the gardens from freezing each night and am happy to report I have hyacinths blooming finally!   Woop!   One in each color as well and I don't remember seeing yellow ones last year.

We are having 2 days of amazing weather and I am glad to be able to work at home today as the dogs will be able to take advantage of the great temps and spend some time outside as well!  YAY!   I think I will get the cot and blanket out for the back deck for "sunning" purposes.  I hope to take advantage of the long daylight and get dog beds washed as well (and be able to dry them as they have to hang on the line).

But I digress.    This morning - before the sun came all the way over the mountain I was watching the birds out on the feeders and decided that before the dogs woke up, I'd get out and fill them as they all seemed pretty hungry (those crossbills are such piggies).  I stepped out the door and could have sworn I heard gobbling.  Interesting - the neighbors around have roosters and chickens but I'd never heard gobbles before.

I looked over in the neighbors front yard and sure enough - 3 wild turkeys!   Me and my pjs and slippers ran back in the house and grabbed the big camera and headed out (yes it was about 30F out) with no coat.   I'd seen a flock of them way up the mountain behind my house last fall but I've not ever in 21 years seen any down this far.  So sharing my morning surprise with you all!

I've not taken photos of the scroll project yet but I will and will share when I do.  Meanwhile I'm hoping to be able to get out and try out my new camera lens that finally arrived yesterday.   It is ALL manual so steep learning curve (back to the good ol film days) but I'm really excited about the possibilities.


Gunilla Bäck(non-registered)
I love the hyacinths! For me it will always be a Christmas flower.
Hyacinths are some of Dave's favorite flowers. We always buy a pot or two whenever we see them to bring a bit of spring fragrance inside. Mmmmm, I love them too.

I never thought of Turkey's as beautiful, but these close shots show that they really are. Their colors and the way their feathers fit together in such fascinating patterns. Thanks for showing us.
The turkey is greeting us.
Far Side(non-registered)
You got some great photos! I never get that close or you have a better lens!! :)
Hi, Great photos of your Spring flowers AND of the turkeys. Hopefully, Spring will get there --and you won't have too much more winter weather...

We have been gone this week ---out hiking and searching for waterfalls. SO much fun!!!

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