Walk In The Woods

April 27, 2015  •  3 Comments

I actually mentioned to my friend that she should read the book "A Walk In The Woods" this weekend so this title seemed appropriate.   

On our way up Stemple Pass we found a short marked road that led up into the woods to I pulled the truck off the main road and we let the dogs all out to stretch their legs.   My friend had her poodle girl with her and I had brought along Sterling, Epic and Teddy.    Our secondary motive for going exploring was to get a walk in with the dogs and that we did!   As you can tell they had a HORRIBLE time and couldn't wait to get back in the truck!  NOT!  The girl with the pretty fluffy ears is Soliel.

This photo below we called J.O.Y.   One letter for each spoo!

I had to share a picture of Teddy since yes he was along but while we took our first walk he pretty much hung back behind my heels staying out of the poodle feet that were running amuck.    Hard not to get run over with 12 big furry legs running every direction!

My lovely friend even offered to take a photo of the photographer (which frankly I hate and is WHY I am the picture taker) and it turned out really nice (OMG look at all those wrinkles!).


jeanne stone(non-registered)
always love seeing what great times your dogs have out in the world of nature, and I do love that shot of you! Very nice.
Gunilla Bäck(non-registered)
Wonderful photos of the dogs. They're having a great time.
Love these! Is there anything more uplifting than walking with crazy dogs through the woods?? Great picture of you too! I hate having my picture taken too, but resist protest when it's with one of my fur-kids. You two are super cute together!
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