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May 01, 2015  •  3 Comments

I had promised to show the last scroll saw project once it was gifted so that will start us off.  It turned out super cute and yes I already have the pattern picked for the next 2 projects on the saw but I will not be starting those for a bit.   Have too many other things going on this month honestly.

Meanwhile to help keep my hands busy on the days/evenings that it just isn't very nice to be outside doing "stuff" AND to keep them out of the fridge and snacking I have done a couple of other hand crafts.   One was to crochet some of the pennant banners like the ones I sewed to "glamp" up the camper and then decided they were too nice (one is inside the other two are on my wall in my family room).   I'll show you the finished banner in use at a later time but this is one of the "granny triangles" I did - I think there were like 15.

Ignore the fact it is on my dirty ironing board being blocked.   These went really fast and if you have kids or grands or friends that might like a  string of these here is the pattern:  they are super cute when done and put on a line (which I crocheted as well).

When I was at the fabric store looking for some solid yarn to finish the triangles I found this super cool coloring book of paisley patterns.  Many of you have seen before or know that sometimes I do enjoy the decompression that just coloring brings.   Anyone else??   The new fangled (but not cheap) gel pens make it quite fun and I think the photographs of them could certainly be used as backgrounds at some point.  Quite a few of my pens had dried up but there are still plenty of colors to pick from and I like the bright patterns in the book.   Something to just drag out and relax with sometimes and requires no thinking.  Gets some of that left brain going!  I know, I'm weird!  LOL

After I tired of that I decided to pull out my sock loom.  Oh my.....   I bought this knitting loom designed for making socks, years ago and also purchased two other knitting looms that I have used to make scarves and do flat knitting (I love them). You see I've tried normal needle knitting a number of times and just got so irritated at how easy it was to drop stitches or have the whole thing unravel that I gave up (the needles are still in my knitting box though).   My attempts at doing the socks on the loom seemed to end up a disappointment.  Even when just practicing I wasn't paying enough attention and ended up with holes (which you really can't see until you are quite a way along).   So I stuck it away.   I am determined this time to PAY ATTENTION and wanted to try a little baby sock first to get the feel for how to do the stitches and the heel and toe work.  I love that the KB Knitting Board website has the how-to videos off their DVD posted so I could go to those to find the heel/toe and cast on/cast off instructions.  The baby sock did end up with a hole that I knew I'd have when finishing the toe but I don't think it turned out too bad - enough so that I started a big sock/slipper for me now.

Oh and I did take a 30 minute break after the baby sock and crocheted up the bottoms of a couple of laundry bags.  What?  You say.  See I wanted a couple of mesh bags to put in the trailer for use when using campground showers to hold soap, shampoo, etc.   The laundry bags were way too big and deep so I cut off the bottoms and then crocheted them shut so they can still be used - just didn't feel like digging out the sewing machine.   I then put up a tension rod in the back of the trailer shower to hang them (gotta dry).  I'd seen shower caddies on a recent blog and of course had to have my own twist on it don't ya know!   

You all think I've probably gone crazy with crafting but honestly I've always enjoyed it but I think the past few years with the work demands and stress I just couldn't focus and do any of them.   Guess maybe I'm making up for lost time.    At some point I no doubt will go through a stretch of crazy book reading.   So many fun things to work on and do!  LOL  So that is why I've not been spending as much time on the computer.   


I love your sheep, she/he is superb, and the knitting, you can't beat that.
Far Side(non-registered)
Cute sheep! Oh yes I like to color and draw shapes have you tried Zentangles? I have a sketch book with patterns I have found is great fun doodling:) I don't get near the time I need with that project to get really good. With the practice you have had with your fancy eggs you might be really good at it:)
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