Cape Lookout Beach Fun

June 17, 2015  •  4 Comments

The poodles and I did manage 3 nice long walks on the beach before we had to leave to return to Montana.    Thank goodness the rain let up and of course the very day we left dawned sunny and clear.   Figures!    I really can't complain much though as I've really been blessed with fabulous "fringe season" weather every time we've visited previously.   I was surprised the first evening when we walked onto the deserted beach, to find not 1, not 2 but 3 bald eagles!  One was feasting on something on the beach and 2 were sitting in the trees.   The pictures pretty much say it all!

Cape Lookout State ParkCape Lookout State Park


Netarts BayNetarts Bay

Netarts BayNetarts Bay

Walk softly and carry a BIG stick!  :)

No Epic cannot stay out of water to save his soul!

Cape LookoutCape Lookout

Cape Lookout State ParkCape Lookout State Park

Cape Lookout State Park towards OceansideCape Lookout State Park towards Oceanside

I did (on laundry day) take the scenic drive back to the campground.  One of my stops was at this monument and the beach in Pacific City.  I had no idea about the dories!   The wall is a memorial to past and current dorymen and dorywomen.

Pacific City Dory monumentPacific City Dory monument

The story goes:

For more than a century, boats have gone to sea from this sandy beach and shelter of Cape Kiwanda. There is no other harbor, port, or fishing fleet anywhere in the world exactly like this. It is truly unique how we evolved.

The dory's origins came from the turn of the 20th century surf dories and Nestucca River gill net boats that sold their fish to the salmon cannery established in 1887 near the mouth of the river.

After 1927 commercial fishing was only allowed in the open ocean. Since the Nestucca had a shallow dangerous bar accessible only at flood tide, a new larger surf boat was need to be launched in the lee of Cape Kiwanda.

This larger dory was called a "double ender" because it was pointed at both ends. It had two sets of oars, able to be rowed through the Pacific surf and out to sea. Later double enders had a motor well near the stern. There, small outboard motors were installed after negotiating the surf, for fishing during the day and then removed when rowing back to the beach.

Once outboard motors because powerful enough and more reliable, the modern "square stern" dory was born. The modern Pacific City dory is open hulled and flat bottomed and is pushed or rowed into the Pacific surf until deep enough do drop the outdrive or outboard motor and then powered through the surf into the open ocean. Even with modern motors, many dorymen still row through the surf just as their fathers and grandfathers did before using their motors.
When ocean conditions allow, Pacific City dories fish the waters off of Cape Kiwanda, launching from and sliding back up on the beach in the lee of the Cape. Many dorymen trailers these rugged marine plywood and fiberglass dories to Oregon ports from Brookings to Astoria fishing for Chinook and Coho salmon, Dungeness crab, Albacore tuna and various rock fish.

The dory fleet is renowned for its incredible safety record. Dorymen are often the first responders to distress calls and other marine emergencies. In 100+ years only 6 know dorymen have lost their lives at sea, making the Pacific City dory and the men and women who sail them some of the safest mariners in the marine environment. The success of the Pacific City dory belongs to the stalwart and visionary dorymen and women who recognized how versatile it could become.

In 1996, a Dorymen/s Association was founded. It's a non-profit organization with the primary mission to preserve and protect the historic traditions given to us by the pioneers of our fleet. The Association supports Oregon's public beach laws and regulations and work with local, state, and federal agencies.

The Pacific City Dorymen's Association welcomes you to the home of the Dory Fleet. To all who come this way, may you find enjoyment here.

You can learn more about them HERE and see photos of the dories in action!


Gunilla Bäck(non-registered)
Gorgeous captures from the beach! I love the photos of the dogs playing.
jeanne stone(non-registered)
Looks as if you and your pups had a wonderful time at the beach. This area is so amazingly beautiful. We had a chance to walk on several beaches while we were in Oregon last year and loved every minute of the time. Bet it isn't too long of a trip for you to get there either.
Far Side(non-registered)
I guess the bigger the stick the better, recently someones dog had a small stick and it pierced the roof of his mouth and he had to be put down. It was very sad.
Not exactly a sun filled day at the beach...but it is still a pretty area:)
Brian King Images
Beautiful beach and landscape! I was hoping to see the eagles! ;-)
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