Summertime Crazies

July 20, 2015  •  9 Comments

I have been rather happy to see that just about everyone else that I know that blogs is having just as hard of a time keeping up as I am!   Glad to be in good company and thanks to my readers that are still hanging in here with me!


I have a post of some of the home projects I've been working on between visits from relatives and friends and my travels and work.   I just don't have the photos uploaded yet so that is going to stay in draft status until I have more done.   I can say we've done some pretty fun stuff in the yards and of course my Mom is busy taking spectacular care of my gardens, lawns and yes, the dogs!

This post though is just to share our weekend of dock diving down in Red Lodge.   A first time event for us and the youngest LOVED it!   He's so water and fetch obsessed that it didn't take him long to get what we were up to.   A couple of practice jumps and he steadily improved over the 2 days of jumps and I am actually starting to figure out what I need to do different in my tosses as well.   It's all in the timing and the toss and I'm pretty much his handicap in that area!    Still we came home with a Vertical Novice title from NADD and we had a lovely few days down at Yellowstone Dog Sports.   I took 4 of the dogs with me and my Mom stayed home with the senior citizens so they could all have a break from the young whippersnappers.    I also did photos of the event while there and had great fun seeing what I actually captured (loving continuous mode) and there are some great captions to go along with some of these. 


This is the amazing pond we got to play in!   I didn't even tempt you with all of the gorgeous mountains that surrounded us as well!


One of Epic's first jumps of the competition.  Sorry the only one we got of him!  His best jump of the weekend was 10'2" (measured by where the back of his butt hits the water).


This is Pumpkin a corgi from Vancouver, BC and this series has 3 shots and the last really does have a corgi in it!


This is Cooper the all around amazing pug!  He attended dog camp the week prior to this event and was voted all around dog - he herds, he does agility, he swims, he dock dives and he is loved and trained by a wonderful little girl.    He may not have jumped far but he DID jump and earned his title. 


"Ohhhh wait a minute, back up the truck I've changed my mind....."



This border collie also does search and rescue work and ADORES the water - in fact so much they have to work extra hard to get him out!


Getting ready for take off as only a border collie can.   (This lovely lady was also one of my Epic Poodle Propellers.)


You have no idea how hard it was for him to sit and watch the others take their turns!


This dog gets the prize for best fetch toy (and I just noticed it looks like the dead chicken is spewing water out its beak - haha)



Ready.....Aim......Fire!    If you have any doubts about the talent and drive of corgi's, we had an abundance and a number of them jumped way farther than Epic did!   The next 3 shots are of Lucy, a senior corgi who also is blind in one eye.   Pretty impressive girl!


Pretty proud of these next 2 shots of my friend Shawna's flat coated retriever Rookie!   Her husband came down to do this competition with him.  Rookie is a young 9 years old!


We had a great time and met some wonderful new folks and I got a chance to spend some quality one on one time with the 4some I took with me.    We had many walks around the area and time to play in the water.  Other than the rain the first night we had stellar weather (setting up the trailer in the rain kinda sucked but wasn't that bad).    

I didn't get to go take scenery photos as I totally forgot it was "biker weekend" (Beartooth Rally) in Red Lodge and the place was crawling with bikers and people and there was no way I was going to deal with that!  So photos and hiking is on the agenda when we return for the next event in August.    Still - was great to get on the road with the trailer and get away for a few days regardless and thanks to my Mom for dog/parrot sitting the ones that stayed home.  Hoping she'll join us next month though!


Far Side(non-registered)
What a fun event! I enjoyed seeing all the dogs! :)
Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines(non-registered)
Oh what fun! You really got some great shots of the dogs going in the water. Sorry about the rain and the crowd at Red Lodge.
Have a great Sunday!
What a lovely dog sport day.
That sure looks like fun! I can see Connor being good at this, I don't have a dock, but he still manages to launch himself like a missile:).
Fabulous shots of the moving dogs. Fabulous dogs. Epic and the border collie are my favourites.
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