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August 10, 2015  •  4 Comments

Still we are busy here at home in the gardens, the house, the trailer and of course just working.   The summer is flying by and I try my best to schedule some weekends where we just stay home and get things done.  Since this coming weekend isn't one of those, last weekend was and it turned out to be pretty productive.

Since we are getting the trailer ready for another future trip and this time with my Mom in tow as well I wanted to figure out a way to reduce the "mess" of having all those storage ottomans in the back that I use for well, storage and for sitting/relaxing on.    While they worked well to get us out the door this spring, as with many of my other "ideas" they just were not panning out as the best option.   I wanted less clutter in the back and they just were not comfy to sit on, you needed two wide to sit comfortably and I was having to acquire more of them to store some o the bigger items.


So of course my idea involved designing and building my own solution.   I wanted something wide enough to store the items I put out of sight and be comfortable to sit on as well (including having something behind you for a back rest).   I finally got a solution for the xpens and dog ramp across the back (just drop the tailgate and pull them out) so that they were not rattling around and taking up more space than required.   Two D Rings screwed into the inside side rails, bungees and good to go.   The seating wasn't as simple.....never is.

I scoured the internet for ideas and was leaning towards something like THIS  but I didn't think the wood structures would allow me the flexibility I wanted in being able to move 1/2 of it around or the entire thing turned around to the side wall instead of across the back.   I also felt by the time they were sturdy enough I'd have more weight in wood framing than I wanted.   Then my lightbulb went on and the PVC Queen returned.   I dug through my fittings (from building a LOT of agility equipment, dog gates and the like) found the size I wanted and was happily on my way to buy pipe.   Yup, foiled again, got home and the fittings I pulled out of the bag (that was supposedly sorted by size) were the only TWO of that size.   Back to the store....

Pipe and fittings - check, plywood for the tops, check, new staple gun from Habor Freight (electric to boot) check!   Yeah this isn't ending up to be the cheapest way to go.....now what to cover them in.   The quilt I had bought for the bed was never seen and fit the decor so decided it would be used for the tops and I'd use something else on the bed.   Foam needed to be purchased and have you priced foam lately?  Ended up getting two twin size foam toppers cheaper than buying foam from the craft store and used that.    

I knew not only did I need two separate benches so they could be moved when I wanted to haul the boat or dog cart or whatever.   I wanted to be able to get to them from the tops too (and find some bins to put in them to keep things in place.   I wanted the sides to be fabric I could take off and wash, wahla I had an extra fabric curtain panel that is lined from a thrift store.   Velcro to the rescue!  


Mom and I took the measurements and went out in search of bins, tall for the one side (as I wanted to use it for dogs stuff and my clothes) and an underbed container for the other side (which has the jacks, tv antenna, heater, fan and my back pack).

Ran the outside liner around the sides that would be visible if I moved them over to the side wall or used it in an L pattern.   Nothing fancy but flexible and I can take them off, slap the two together and wash them if needed.

It just looks so much cleaner and more together back there now.   Plus they are WAY more comfortable and light weight.   Found some outdoor patio furniture (a swing pad and pillows) on clearance at Lowe's and the cool orange seat back (also to be used on the bed for night reading) at Bed Bath and Beyond (because when shopping for small, school start times are the best as all the cool dorm size things are out).

Meanwhile just working and walking and now that the heat is heading back, staying inside more (and I've not been feeling 100% either which isn't helping).   Looking forward to the two trips planned with the trailer though as I'm so ready for a road trip and some serious photo taking. Haven't even had the "real" cameras out in weeks!

Tata for now and thanks for stopping by!


Lady Fi(non-registered)
Oh, it looks so pretty!
You are so wonderfully talented! Does your bird get to go along this time?

Deonne Kahler(non-registered)
Good job on the project! Love the adorable pups.
Far Side(non-registered)
Your project turned out great! Yes I bought foam for the window seats upstairs...uffda who woulda thought it could cost so much. Your PVC pipe is a great idea:)
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