Christmas Card Photos?

January 07, 2016  •  6 Comments

Can't help it - that is what I thought as I went through so many of these shots.    This is the last batch from our road trip and I am so blessed to live in such amazingly beautiful country.   So here is my challenge for everyone that reads my blog (the few of you that are left haha)....go out and find the beauty where you live, photograph it if you wish but just appreciate it for what it is, even if it is in the city, the country, the desert, the mountains, the water or your yard!


Gorgeous scenery! The snowy landscapes are magical even if it's cold. :-)
Far Side(non-registered)
I so want to photograph the mountains! I get bored with Minnesota scenery...lately dull and grey...not much fun...but I will snap out of the funk soon:)
Christmas card photos, or postcards from the chamber of commerce! Simply beautiful photographs of simply beautiful country.
Beautiful! I don't get to see snow like that and love seeing how it's hanging on the fence and the trees. I can't tell what's under it in the top image, could be a paddock, or a road or a river - though the only river I saw frozen had heaps of frost heaves in it which was very unexpected, I'd presumed it would be flat, which makes me think image number one isn't of a river!
They sure are christmas card pics, just beautiful. Today i walked in our local forest and I am always taken by its beauty which is totally different to yours. Mine was enhanced today with many, many wallabies foraging and hopping about, some with joeys in their pouch.
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