Poodle Aerobics

January 08, 2016  •  5 Comments

First I want to tell all you blogger peeps that I've been reading your blogs but google and I are having some "issues" so I'm not able to comment right now.  Hoping soon!   Meanwhile.....

Sorry but here is a blast of a whole lot of whacko Epic shots from a lunch frisbee session I did with him a few days ago (one of my work from home days).  After splitting wood for the fire I had enough time and sunshine to dig out the camera and try for some action shots.   Not always easy when you have to be both the thrower and the photographer but even harder when you can't throw worth diddly squat!   It lasted until said frisbee ended up on the roof of the house - where it remains till we get wind or I decide to get out the ladder.   Yes you can laugh!     This boy is such a character and you can really see that in some of these shots.  One of the fun things of shooting action like this is that you just don't know what things you will actually capture till you pull them off the camera.   Hoping they make you smile as they did for me!


Fun shots! Blogger seems to have had a lot of issues lately making it very difficult to post comments.
That's a good point Diane makes about throwing and photographing! The frisbee looks good, nice and soft. My golden girl used to love to retrieve but has given up as my younger dog only likes to retrieve the older girl's tail when she runs after something.
Throwing and photographing at the same time I would have thought impossible. Well done. great shots of all the fun.
Love him!
Far Side(non-registered)
Epic is looking good! Yes your photos made me smile...dogs have such joy when they are working:)
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