Snowshoe Finally

January 06, 2016  •  4 Comments

After our freezing stop at Holland Lake we did make a couple stops on the road out as we could now see the mountains that were hidden in the clouds and fog on the way in.   Pretty amazing for sure and so glad there wasn't traffic on that snowy road!    Yes, as usual I did a lot of stopping, backing up, turning around and such on this trip.   The driving of a photographer haha!  I remember a few boyfriends that about went bonkers with those requests!

We headed back towards where we had come from and as I peeked through the trees I kept getting glimpses of some of the mountains but no place to pull off.   So when I saw a road that looked like it went a ways back and saw a glimpse of a mountain, decided it was time to park and get out ofr a bit of a hike.   ​I realized as we unloaded dogs and equipment to take a snowshoe that I had not even had my snowshoes out at all last year.  It felt amazingly good to be able to get on them and get the poodles in their booties and head up one of the unplowed Forest Service roads.   There was a huge pull out alongside the highway so it was perfect and the snow was amazing!   Yes someone at some point had driven down the road but there was now enough snow I didn't foresee that happening while we were out.    The poodles had an amazingly fun time and I wish now I had taken some video of them (hindsight is 20/20).    Epic managed to lose 2 of his booties within the first 45 minutes by spending most of his time 4X4ing around in the deepest snow he could find and diving off the sides of the hills.    THIS is why I won't skijour with that boy, he'd likely run me off the side of a cliff!    So fun to have Robin along for company!   Of course the first picture is courtesy of Robin as well!   

So below is looking west and the one after is it looking east (on our way out)


Far Side(non-registered)
Wow great scenery and photos! You and the dogs looks great! What a fun day you had! :) I know all about the photography is only understood by other photographers:)
Linda W(non-registered)
Such lovely snow! Looks like the dogs had a blast. Lovely mountain scenery.
OMG those are beautiful photos. The scenery is to die for and the dogs are so gorgeous.
Brian King Images
Gorgeous landscapes! Love the mountain peak in the first photo!
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