Processing the last Month

October 05, 2016  •  3 Comments

Life has been a whirlwind the past 2 months (and you thought it was just 1).   I sit now and realize how much I've missed that has just passed me by.  Things that I normally would stop and say "Wow!  Look at that."  or  "Wow!  That is cool."    Makes me a little sad but I also know that is just a reminder that I need to get my head back on straight and start paying attention.   I really have been in a sort of fog, most of which I blame on my work environment (since the "easy out" was announced) and the rest just from being way more busy than planned.

First, the job, well has been very stressful.  Being in the office when the ONLY talk is about when and who is leaving sucks!  More talk of more RIFs to come even more stressful so I am spending a few more days working from home and decided this past weekend that I really just need to get my head back in a sane space about it all.   That doesn't mean back burner as in "you have no control".  That I know but I've never been one that could say that and just push it aside and not think/stress about it.   So I've decided on more focus and getting my "good work ju-ju" back on.   I love the people I work with on my team and I like the work itself, even if the job stinks sometimes.   That will be work in progress but at least today it has helped.  I HAVE to get out of the darkness about all this.   Meanwhile to make chaos continue - we are moving offices the next 2 weeks.  Yayyyy.....sorta.

Okay enough phooey about that.....

At home the dogs, parrot and I are getting back into our home routines again after company left last week.  It is very quiet around the house but seeing as we are getting predictions of snow (actually it is flaking out there now), think it is good my mom vamoosed a week earlier than planned.  We miss her terribly as we do my brother who left a few days before she did.   Kind of a let down for some dogs though let me tell you!

Epic and I had our last competition 2 weekends ago when he did his first draft test.  The only poodle among a sea of bernese mountain dogs.   It was a tough test and he struggled with the freight haul (he had to haul 20 pounds in his cart - which for a berner is about 1/4 of their weight but is 1/2 of his).   He gave me his all and now has his novice draft dog title.   Very proud of him!   (the photos are from my friend Robin) Tinker is settling in well and we just had her 1 month vet check up for her skin issues and she is definitely improving.   So we are on the same herbs for 2 more months then another recheck.  The vet was pleased with her progress as am I.   She is settled into the pack and comfortable with everyone although is very much NOT a lap dog - she wants attention but not sitting in your lap.  I think her sore skin is part of that and who knows what else.   I did dig out the clicker and started some basic clicker work with her this weekend.  She was at first not happy with the loudness of the clicker so we adjusted that - then it was just getting her to realize she could think and figure out what to do.  She's not had any formal training that I can tell and it is a bit different starting at 2 but by session 3 (they are only about 5 minutes long) she had figured out the game.  She may not understand WHY but she is happily offering behavior so I'm happy.

Meanwhile all my senior dogs and Sterling are also doing well.   Sterling did therapy a few weekends ago and of course loved every minute.  That is his job along with occasionally harassing his poodle brother when out in the yard.   Knock on wood everyone is holding their own health wise although Dot now can see absolutely nothing and hears little, Magic isn't far behind on that either.

With the turn of the weather I'm behind getting the gardens put to bed and still have a few fall items outside to finish so am hoping for some nice weather yet before winter sets in.   The cold and rain today definitely have me feeling like hunkering in under a blanket in the recliner though!

Last Friday night I decided a pick me up was in order and movies with 3 girlfriends and pizza was the ticket.  Was fun to sit and gossip and catch up after every single one of us was way too busy all summer to keep up with each other.   Saturday I met 2 other friends for breakfast and the market and then off to my first pow wow.   Pics will come on that in a later post.

Feeling like I pretty much just puked out a whole bunch of nothing here but I think that truly does catch you up on the big stuff!


I'm so sorry about your work situation. I hope it works out soon. Going to work into stress is never a good thing.

I love your new little pup. As for the others ---I always love seeing and reading about them.

Far Side(non-registered)
Your flower photos are wonderful! Good to hear Tinker is doing well. Poor Dot and Magic. We had a dog that was pretty much blind and it was really hard but the pack kept her safe...but boy you really have to watch them.
I hope your job situation straightens out about stress. Think Positive!! :)
Linda W(non-registered)
Good to hear from you! Yes you have been busy. Hope all goes okay with your work situation....sounds awful. Glad to hear your newest dog is healing.
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