Love Long Weekends

November 26, 2016  •  6 Comments

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend for us at work is usually 4 days.  I love love love this long weekend.   It is like a pause before Christmas when I can really get started on my holiday spirit - or projects or both.   This one was no different.   

My knitting continues with some small projects I want to give as gifts and a larger one that will eventually be a birthday gift in the spring.   I had to add to my yarn stash and boy do I love the yarn selection at Hobby Lobby right now.  I'm also doing my very first double strand project as well as my first on circular needles (2 different projects).   I will say though that too much knitting does really bother my shoulders so I am trying to add in some of my Zentangle practice during the dark hours.

Thought I'd try doing some on ornaments and am pretty pleased with the results.  They definitely look best from a distance as do most tangles.

I also got busy one day and used my new mixer and made the first batch of sugar cookies for an upcoming decorating party and brunch.   All dog people coming so the new dog cookie cutters came in handy!   Have 2 more batches to go but right now the freezers are full so they will wait for a few weeks.  Love my new stand mixer and I finally ditched the old cookie sheets and bought 2 new professional size ones.  Sure makes short work of the cookie baking and that I am very thankful for.

Saturday I decided if the weather was nice or not it was a day for errands and for the dogs.   We went over the hill to the closed campground for a morning walk before heading to town for errands.  It was about 40 out and no wind and such lovely sun.   The poodles ran and ran and Tinker and Teddy came along and got to stretch their legs.  Epic got to do a bit of swimming....

...while I didn't feel I needed to show you Sterling off eating deer and goose poop I did want to show you the super cute jammies and harness Tinker started out in....alas numerous Icloud issues messed up a number of my photo downloads.  Suffice it to say that the naked picture below is because shwe was so excited running around with the other dogs that she showed she has never been to the river and ran right in after Epic.   She got a good 6 feet into the water before she realized what it was and by that time everything was soaked.   So naked it was - and we just were thankful for the sunshine and kept her moving to keep her warm.

Still she was having a great time!

Of course that stupid Icloud issue didn't allow me to keep the good posed photo so this is what you get!  LOL

The stores in town are still nuts but I had my walk, got a burger and sucked it up.  Wanted to get some gift bags, cheap gloves and a couple other items which I did and didn't come home stressed out either.  YAY!  

I have all of the outdoor lights and decorations up and my tree went up Thursday and I got it decorated Friday.   I still am in love with my 1/2 (flat backed) tree and honestly, I will never have another tree that isn't pre-lit.   4 pieces and it was ready to go!

I will leave you with one last scenic shot from our walk this morning!  So hard to believe it is the end of November and we've not had one flake of snow.





That's cute about Tinker running into the river. Your tree looks fabulous and those 'dog biscuits' made me smile lots, very creative!
Linda W(non-registered)
Cute cookies! I love making cut out cookies, except I usually do gingerbread. When I was in Missoula last weekend, people there were commenting on the lack of snow. But I sure loved the sunny days.....nothing but clouds and rain back here in Portland. But our mountains are getting snow and I hope to go skiing next weekend! :) Good luck with your holiday preparations.
Brian King Images(non-registered)
That's a beautiful tree! The dog-themed cookies made me smile. Fantastic scenery!
Hahaha! I had to laugh at your dog cookies....they were beautiful, I wasn't really laughing at them as much as at a memory of some similar cookies I made for a Guiding Eyes for the Bling puppy raiser's holiday party. I made little Lab (ish) cookies but wanted them to be more like chocolate labs (and I forgot to put chocolate into the dough so they were tan) so I sprinkled them with chocolate sprinkles (we always called them "jimmies") thinking they would melt into a frosting like deal. They didn't.

The kids at the party all had a good laugh at them, saying they looked like labs with poops all over them! The next year I mixed chocolate into the dough instead,
Far Side(non-registered)
Your tree is lovely, and your tangled ornaments are cool! No snow, I am certain you will get some soon. Ours is melting because it is warm. I should get new cookie sheets too, my daughter has some Pampered Chef ones that are awesome:)
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