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I will have to say to you all that I am very thankful for all of my blog readers and those that take the time to comment.  For many of you that is the only contacts I have annnnd I apologize that I've not been out to catch up on many of your blog posts and comment, life is just busy all the way around and as i mentioned before, by the time I am done with work (as it is super busy) I am eye tired of looking at the computer for anything!

My Facebook sabbatical has been very good for me as I am finding that instead of sticking my nose in my phone, I am instead actually getting some projects done and frankly, really enjoying it.    It is also getting me some extra time with the paws in my house and they appreciate that as well.  

Epic and I are trying our best to get in a short walk down the road and back every day I work from home or am off work.    I also try to get him out at least once a week for a frisbee game (which includes Sterling as interference).   Tinker is also getting some time playing and she is just so freaking excited to be able to participate in anything!    My older retired crew is hanging in there.  We've been vetting a lot lately and I told the Doc that I really didn't want to have to see her on a professional basis for a LONG time now.     Dot was the latest as she has been pawing at her eyes (she has massive cataracts) so took her in for that and a well senior check (she is 16 1/2).   She has the healthiest heart and lungs of the entire senior crew (go figure) and has an eye infection so we are putting ointment in her one eye for that.  She just keeps on trucking and even though her lenses are totally detached now, she just motors more slowly and uses her nose and bumping her head to find her way around.  She still manages to go outside and putter around the yard and get back in fine so "girl power"!

My question of the weekend was - What is it with poodles and pillows?   Both of my poodles prefer to have something soft for their noggins to sleep on.

Since my work days have been so busy, there has been a lot of this going on with the pooches.   We had a couple days of chilly weather which also helps.  Even fired up the wood stove on Sunday just to take the chill off.

My projects are many and I am continuing to thoroughly enjoy the Zentangle class and work I am doing.   I decided to brave the world of trying it on ornaments with some success this past week and am happy to report the calligraphy for the Christmas cards is done so that now I have pretty much gotten all of my cards ready to mail (including our photo cards for the year).

I was finding that I was doing a whole lot of drawing and wanted to give my neck and shoulders a rest so I also crocheted up a couple of hats to turn over to a friend who passes them along for the homeless Veterans.   Was a fun break and the pattern was so super fast and easy. I have crocheted since I was super young and I also have looms to do knitting on which I enjoy.  I have tried at least 5 different times in my life to actually knit with needles and have ended up frustrated, with holes, unraveling and irritation.   I'm not sure why I thought this time would be different but got a bee in my bonnet and decided one more time to try to teach myself to knit (since I still had the book and supplies laying around).   I told myself it would be a great way to force myself to work slowly and patiently.   I am happy to report that after 2 days of knitting (and yes it took me probably 30 minutes to figure out how to cast on using their directions) I have finished my "first ever in my entire life" successful knitted project!   (Yes, go ahead and be proud - I am!).

I decided part of my failed efforts were scarves that really were just too big (time consuming) to tackle.  This little hat was in the learn to knit book and was a small enough project I actually figured I might finish it.   I really loved the yarn and yes, will be getting more!   I have to say my arms/shoulders hurt from all of it but I am still super thrilled to have finished it.

Am looking forward to my holidays off from work and doing whatever sparks my fancy.  Only items on the agenda are to start baking the cookies for our holiday brunch in a few weeks and bath and groom a silver poodle as he has therapy on Sunday.   Hope you all enjoy your holiday and remember....



Linda W(non-registered)
I've tried knitting and have found I'm I admire anyone who can do it! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your doggies. I'm spending the holiday in Missoula with my son - not too far from where you are! :)
Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines(non-registered)
I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Love the hat, and wish I could see well enough to crochet- I used to love that. Your zentangles look super and you are very talented!
Far Side(non-registered)
I am thankful for our friendship also! I always enjoy coming over here to see what is happening! AND drool over your photos! Way to go on the knitted cap! Love that yarn too! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)
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