Bye bye 2016 Helloooooo 2017

December 31, 2016  •  1 Comment

Is it just me or does it seem that the vast majority of people are more than happy to bid farewell to 2016 as a rotten year?   I know I am going with 2017 being a MUCH better year and cannot say I am sad 2016 is over.   Feels like a time for a new outlook and a new start and what better time!

I have been busy planning spring vacations so that has occupied my thoughts a great deal and is an awesome way to get a positive mindset going.  That is what I do in winter - plan the dog show activities and vacations.  Makes the dark winter days and nights go a bit quicker!   (Yes you can roll your eyes.)

We have had a lovely week between the holidays weather wise.  It has been in the 20s and 30s but they insist that is coming to an end and we are supposed to see below zero and single digits again starting tomorrow and lasting all week.  Bummer.   So we spent most of Christmas and apparently the New Year weekends doing this...

We have though been blessed with some lovely sunshine days and today it was nice enough to have a friend come over and help me load up my dead trash compactor and take it to the dump.  Another thing checked off the list!   Was tired of tripping over it in the carport every time I needed to reload the wood cart!

We still have snow here though and that makes Epic very happy.   Here is a link to a short video of him enjoying the snow:   We've not been walking as it is just to slick (just the right temps) but that doesn't stop us from playing some frisbee and helping burn off some of that Epic energy.   He is such a goofy boy seriously but he sure enjoys life.

All the Christmas stuff is put away as I was ready after a month of enjoying it, to get my house back in some order.   

So really not much to report - the vacation plans are pretty much laid out and am looking forward to a week with family camping in southern Utah and another week with a friend camping in the Tetons.  All for photo ops of course (always my main goal) as I'm feeling really lacking in the photography department lately.   I also have plans to do a winter Yellowstone day trip again in the coming months, once we get a tad more daylight and since I have to be taking some time off work here in another 6 weeks or so (am NOT going to give them my time by going over the limit).    Dog shows will start up mid March as well and hoping to have Epic ready to go in a couple different venues - okay and have ME ready to go!

Hope you all are looking forward to 2017 and let's just all put it out to the Universe that it is time for lots-o-good stuff!



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Happy new year to you and all your doggies!
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