Camera Still Works!

April 23, 2016  •  6 Comments

Shocking I know!   It didn't go far since well, every weekend I have time to get out the weather turns sour (or so it seems) and honestly, I am so crazy busy at work and after hours that I just don't feel I have the time to pause and take photos.   However with the plants coming up and my first daffies blooming (the crocus are all done) I did take a moment out of my day to share some of MT spring in my yard.   That first photo is what we had LAST weekend - yup spring in MT but we need moisture SO badly!

I also actually remembered the camera as I went out to a friends to meet up with some agility pals for some practice (they are all trialing in a couple weekends - we are done till June) and even though it turned out windy and cloudy I figured I needed to make sure the camera still worked.  Here are some action shots from that (we won't comment on the performance of the little black poodle thank you - or his broken Mom).   

As my weeks continue to fill up more and more I am looking forward to this weekend (as it is supposed to be cold and rainy) to just hang out and not require myself to do much except the first lawn mowing out back (which is done now) as it was getting harder to do poop patrol as it was so tall.   The rains are heading in so we are going to hang inside and just relax.   With the full moon and my busy schedule I was indeed starting to feel some "over taxed" anxiety this week so know I need the break.  I think some inside trick training and fitness work with my pooches is in order and maybe another go at experimenting with an ongoing baking project.   Am still working with my health care team to figure out what is going on with my one leg (from hip to heel).   Irritates the bee-geebers out of me not being able to do all I need/want to now that the weather is better though!   

I did have a friend come up this week though and help me get the kayak down (then it rains go figure) AND I finished this little project one evening and had her help me get the pergola top on.   

Teddy's Puppy Class online is going great and I'll share with you a short video we have of his last practice for his first lesson (of 6).   LOVING this class as there are 2 weeks to work on each lesson and the instructor is really great about keeping it organic and getting us feedback quickly!   Epic's local Advanced Obedience class is also going well although this week with my leg and the full moon, he wasn't as on key as he usually is.  He honestly is a fabulous worker though for such a kwazy boy as he can be.

Here is the link to Teddy's recent class video submission (didn't want to re-upload to imbed it):

Sterling continues to work on his fitness exercises and healing up his injury.  He is indeed out for the summer from agility (but not carting or obedience thank goodness) and is doing much better.   We have a GREAT team helping him with Adele my Canine Fitness massage therapist and stretching instructor, Dr. Terri the chiropractor and Dr. Davis his vet and rehab doc who is directing our exercise and also doing acupuncture and laser treatments for him.   This is about a 2 year old injury I figure (based on hindsight which is 20/20 and when I started seeing a change in his exercise behaviors) so it isn't going to heal overnight.  Still I've seen his tail up more the last few weeks than in a long time - a great sign!

Oh yes and I finished a baby gift that I needed to get done and off my to-do list.


jeanne stone(non-registered)
love your shots and does look as if your spring had some snow. Your agility shots are great as always and it looks like so much fun to do these events. Know that you are an amazing trainer. your booties are too cute!
Linda W(non-registered)
Great action shots of the dogs!

BTW - I'll be in Helena June 23-26th for the ordination of my son!
Just reading about everything you do makes me tired. No wonder you are stressed.Your camera is working good it is happy for the exercise too.
Far Side(non-registered)
Lamb's Ears is what we call them in MN. Sorry to hear you have leg pain...did you change your shoes recently? I hope you get it all straightened out, no fun to have a body part not working! Those are som great agility photos!! Good to hear Sterling is getting the treatment that will make him a happy dog again! :)
Brian King Images
Gorgeous blooms! I love the third photo!
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