Lilies, Rainbows and Projects

July 30, 2016  •  3 Comments

And the last one is why I am behind getting pictures posted but I digress....

First I have some pretty pale yellow daylilies blooming out back that I wanted to share.   Some are pale to white and one is the coolest pale yellow.  Since it has been blazing hot lately I am glad I got these photos when I did, not sure how much longer they will last.

This past week we had quite a few storms come through in the evenings.   Some were pretty spectacular dumping big rain in a few moments everywhere but here.  We never did get enough to even settle the dust on the road.  Oh well.  It did however give me a chance one night to shoot rainbows.  We had a double and although I did remember that pano on my Iphone, I had my big camera with me and no phone (next time).  So I stitched a couple handheld shots together for that last one an that is why it is a bit crooked on the right - wasn't that fabulous I was going to fix that in post..  I really though love the one with the deer in the neighbors drainfield.

That same storm also provided some super cool clouds and we've had a lot of fun weather and clouds to watch the past few weeks.  More than I remember seeing in many years.  These were colored by the sun setting.

Meanwhile I've been working on a major revamp in my trailer.   After our trips last year and some this year I determined that as much as I adored the shelves in there for crates (4 of them) it wasn't the best use of space.  Those took up all the horizontal space at the end of the bed and when I have more than just me sleeping in there it meant the stool or ladder to get up to the bed was in the only area left, which also is the main hallway to the bathroom.  A problem for who is sleeping on the bottom - me!   I also decided that I needed more seating and that the crib bottom revamp was not as sturdy as I had hoped for sleeping.  It also was too wide and a bit short.   So out went the shelves and I built more seating, under which the dog crates went.  That meant though I had to raise the seats on the back benches to level and since the quilt fabric I had on those was not available, recovering the back ones was also in order.  Two of the same quilt allowed me to use the reversible side to hang in the back and match to the benches.   The flounces then were clearance fabric found at Hobby Lobby and the colors matched well.  May be a bit busy for some but I like it!  Also gained more storage through some cleaning and the added height in the back benches.   The new ones have the crates under them.  So here are the before:

And now the after:

The front flounces on the new benches are flipped up so the dogs can use the crates.   Like my "hippie" fabric combos?   Also the reverse side of the quilt (on the top of the benches) makes it lighter in the back (it is hanging on that back wall covering up all the stuff that is hauled upright back there).  Everything is still movable so I can make a U shape or stack for hauling or....

The other project I did was make a long pocketed case for up on the lift bed.  A problem I had is that once up on the bed there was no place to put the phone (i.e. alarm clock) or ipad or books or glasses.   So this is attached to the top rail and has pockets sewn in it as well.  Just a better place to stuff things and really nice when I have company sleeping up there.

Still working through the entertainment center area as losing the shelves also meant finding a new place for the TV, etc.  What it did help with though was the access to the alarms (the CO2 one was constantly being set off by dogs pushing the button through their crates) and the plugs that are on the ceiling there.  I didn't loose storage because the crates took up all 4 shelves.   Also still figuring out the ladder situation for when the bed isn't all the way down.

The benches were a 2 week long project, taking apart putting together, building new, gluing them up, covering, sewing and I am very happy to have that mess all done up and cleaned up!


Linda W(non-registered)
Wow! Great job on your trailer. I like the colorful fabric you chose. Beautiful lilies too.
Looks like you're getting the trailer where you want it. Its important to live in a place to really see what your needs are. I had to laugh when you said the C02 detector kept going off.....It made me remember when we'd travel with our big golden the LP gas leak detector kept going off and driving us mad. After many middle of the night scares, I finally discovered that he (Nordic) was sleeping on the tile floor in front of the detector and his farts were setting it off! He slept through it! Gotta love living with dogs, eh?
Brian King Images(non-registered)
Beautiful lilies! Love the double rainbow and the deer that just happens to be standing in the one shot! :-) Nice work on the trailer!
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